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Il Divo

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Year of Release: 2006

track listing
  • Nights In White Satin
    (Notte Deluce)
  • Caruso
  • Without You
    (Desde El Dia
    Que Te Fuiste)
  • Come Primavera
  • Have You Ever Loved
    A Woman
    (Un Regalo Que
    Te Dio La Vida)
  • La Vida Sin Amor
  • Una Noche
  • You Raise Me Up
    (Por Ti Sere)
  • Tell That To My Heart
    (Amor Venme
    A Buscar)
  • Musica

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    Il Divo

    Il Divo debuts this week, with the fourth album of their career, Siempre, released in 2006. Il Divo was conceived by Simon Cowell, of American Idol and America's Got Talent (U.S.) Il Divo's music is Classical. On Siempre, the songs are sung in Spanish, in great Classical Music form. For Rock fans, the standouts are the songs that were originally recorded as well-known Rock songs, such as The Moody Blues' "Nights In White Satin," Badfinger's/Nilson's "Without You," and Bryan Adams' "Have You Ever Loved A Woman."

    The Moody Blues' "Nights In White Satin (Inotte De Luce)" is very powerful. And as much as powerful as The Moody Blues version has always been, so is Il Divo's version. "Caruso" provides great powerful singing as well, and the Spanish lyrics makes it sound even better. "Caruso" was named for the famous Opera singer, Enrico Caruso. (Mario Lanza (another famous Opera singer) had portrayed him in the movie The Great Caruso; 1951).

    Badfinger and Nilsson both recorded "Without You" originally (Nilsson's version was the most popular, a #1 hit), and Il Divo's version is another standout track, where those who remember this song from either/both Badfinger/Nilsson will enjoy the Il Divo version ("Desde El Dia Que Te Fuiste". "Come Primavera" is just one word: BEAUTIFUL. Classically inclined, the vocals are exceptional. A beautiful rendition of this song, co-written by David Kreuger and Per Magnusson, who both had written songs for Britney Spears' debut album.

    If you're familiar with the Bryan Adams' version of his #1 hit, "Have You Ever Loved A Woman," Adams' version had the Spanish guitar, Likewise, so does Il Divo's version ("Un Regalo ue Te Dio La Vida"). And having the Spanish guitar instrument, Il Divo's Spanish vocals on their version makes it just even more better. More of that Spanish guitar and another good song is the next track, "La Vida Sin Amor." 'una Noche" is another track classified as "just beautiful" also. "You Raise Me Up (Por Ti Sere)" -- yep... another beautiful track, and also for "Tell That To My Heart (Amor Venme A Buscar)." Ending the album is "Musica," another one of those songs you've heard before. And Il Divo's version is just as exceptional.

    Il Divo has released many albums. 10 studio, of which includes Christmas, and live albums. Their third album of their career, Ancora (2005) reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 200 Albums chart. Il Divo consists of its 4 original tenor members: Urs Buhler, David Miller, Sebastian Izamband, and Carlos Marin. In 2019, Carlos Marin passed away from COVID, and was replaced by Steven LaBrie. Their most current album was released in 2021, For Once In My Life: A Celebration of Motown.

    Il Divo's Classical Siempre is a great album of soothing, comfortable music. Romantic as well. The Spanish lyrics and vocalizations makes it a fine quality album. And the three common Rock songs from this album getting the Classical treatment puts the album in a better prospective. For Classical fans of Josh Grobin, Il Divo will most likely be added to your lists. All in all, Siempre (which means "always") a great collection of Classical songs with Spanish lyrics. You can't go wrong for this beautiful album. Il Divo puts themselves in the high rankings of Classical and Opera. Something different for the common Rock fans, Il Divo's music is a breath of fresh air, from the common Rock music.

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