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Paul Shanklin
"Simply Reprehensible"

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Year of Release: 1999

track listing
  • That's Disgusting
  • Ballad Of The
    Black Beret
  • C-Spam Bookquotes
  • Subpeonaville
  • Los Alamos
  • Self-Esteem
  • Rev. Jackson's
    Jailhouse Vote
  • Carville Shakespeare
  • Return With Censure
  • Great Moments In
    Moderate History
  • A Free Society
  • Rose Garden
  • E.D.
  • Viagra
  • The Second
  • Starr's War
  • Simply Reprehensible
  • Simpletons
    (I'm A Winner)
  • Nightmare
  • Unconvictable
  • War Protest
  • Where Have
    Flower Children
  • A Poetic Moment
  • Sergeant Screwball
  • Take A Number Juanita
  • Flowers Back In
  • Montana (Y2K)
  • I Won't Dance
  • You'll Be Lonesome
  • Remember The
  • All My Shady Friends
  • It's OK To Spank

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    Paul Shanklin
    "Simply Reprehensible"

    Is Politics a joke? Well, it seems that way, as comedian Paul Shanklin released various "Political Comedy" albums, starting when President Bill Clinton was in office. Simply Reprehensible was his fifth album released, in 1999. Being a comedian, Shanklin would also be an impressionist, impersonating Clinton, as well as other politicians. I don't exactly remember how I discovered Paul Shanklin, my guess would probably be on a Dr. Demento program, or maybe he was featured on a radio or TV show at the time. He has released 15 albums in this style of comedy.

    There are 32 total tracks, 14 parody songs, and 18 skits. The skits are pretty much like Saturday Night Live sketches. Several skits are based on James Carville. Carville is an American political consultant, author, media personality, and Democratic Party strategist. He successfully managed the first presidential campaign (199192) of Democratic candidate Bill Clinton. His book, And the Horse He Rode In On: The People v. Ken Starr (1998) is discussed in "C-Spam Bookquotes," as "Carville" is not favorable Ken Starr. "Carville Shakespeare" continues the lashing on Starr. In "Free Society," "Carville" teams up with "Larry Flynt" -- continuing the bashing of Starr. "Carville" goes door-to-door "Remember The Children," collecting guns, fatty foods, and subversive literature such as Bibles from the homes of soccer moms. "E.D." features "Bob and Elizabeth Dole," "The Second Amendment" (the right to bare arms) - guns or the right to bare arms of the body, in "Clinton's" view? "That's Disgusting" is a phone call, in which "Clinton" is brought to his attention an "embarrassing moment." Of course, we are thinking of his involvement with Monica Lewinsky. But in the end, it is really about Clinton encouraging the use of tobacco (cigars). Oh wait, that "story" of cigars and Monica....

    However, the least-to-listen-to skits are the ones with the "Reverend Jesse Jackson" -- "A Poetic Moment," and the song parody of Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock" -- "Rev. Jackson's Jailhouse Vote." Most of the other skits are basically "Commercial Spots," where you could either take them or leave them. But probably the best of those "commercials" would be the parody to the movie Star Wars -- (Ken) "Starr's War." Imagine this "all-star cast": Bill Clinton as Loose Skirtchaser, Ted Kennedy as Loose's mentor Obe-Drunk Kennedy. Janet Reno as the large, hairy Sue-tobacco; Barney Frank as RU-Me2, James Carville as James So-Loud, and Albert Gore Jr., in a very special cameo appearance, as the void of space.

    But really the best tracks are the song parodies. Sure, some are better than others, but it's just funny to hear Clinton-related issues in well-known songs.

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