Last Updated: Wednesday, May 21, 2015

Rules and Regulations (in general)

  • There aren't any... No Survivor, American Idol, The Voice or X Factor, rules... Just send us your music.
  • Email us, and let us know who you are!
  • Send your CD, and additional info (press kit, bio's, etc.) to our PO Box.
  • If you plan on sending us any of your mp3s, You can send them to our email shown at the bottom of this page (
  • A contract will be required to participate on our Hall of Fame compilations. Afterwards, We will add your name to our address book, and our facebook for future WSVNRadio updates. We will add your name to our website, and feature your music on our Podcast internet radio station. We will also feature your music on various shows on our live internet radio shows.
    We currently broadcast live shows on USTREAM.TV.

  • Rules and Regulations (for the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame compilation CDs)

    1. All musicians/artists/bands who send their music to WSVNRadio is ELIGIBLE to have one of their songs included on a future WSVNRadio Hall of Fame compilation CD. As of Volume 22, there will be an optional fee to participate. Click here for more details.

    2. There are 20 artists/songs per Volume. A simple contract will be sent to each artist, allowing WSVNRadio the use of one song and appropriate album artwork/picture for the compilation. A $9.95 participation fee may be required. This fee is for the supplies and shipping for a professional looking CD for the Volume, which will include artwork, jewel case, etc. A deadline date will be assigned when 20 artists have been determined for each volume. Any contract/fee NOT received by the deadline will be DROPPED from the compilation, and replaced by any interested artists willing to particpate (artists scheduled for the next volume).

    3. There is NO MONEY made for the compilation. This is also stated in the contract, described from Step 2. (The $9.95 fee is for the supplies and shipping ONLY.) WSVNRadio agrees to promote the interested artists participating, by including their songs on its WSVNRadio internet radio station, and on various shows of our USTREAM.TV live internet radio shows and one song on the compilation CD. The artist may deny its participation on the compilation, prior to signing the contract and fee payment.

    4. Agreed upon WSVNRadio and each artist, one song from the sent album(s) to be included on the compilation, and appropriate artwork/picture. The song and/or picture may be changed prior to the contract signed. All information on the contract is completed by the artist, and is final when delivered. Contracts are to be sent back by regular mail. Artists outside the U.S. may email the contract to WSVNRadio for faster service.

    5. Any artist involved in more than one group or solo is eligible. One entry per artist or group only. These groups or solo acts can appear on the same volume or a future one, yet no more than 2 per volume.

    6. All artists will receive their own personal copy of the volume when completed, as per contract/fee. It will be sent by regular mail. Please allow 10 business days for the compilation to arrive. Artists from outside the U.S. may expect a longer wait. It will be very appreciated to email when your copy arrives for positive feedback, or any other problems that could arrive.

    7. A WSVN ID mp3 jingle from each artist may be recorded for the WSVNRadio Internet Radio Station. From these jingles per volume, a "spokesperson" will be selected to create a special jingle for the week of the volume's release. The 20 songs from the volume will be played in its entirety, with ALL jingles provided from each artist (who sent them), and the spokesperson's jingle(s).

    Optional Fee to participate on a WSVNRadio Hall of Fame compilaiton

    Due to cost factors, there is a $9.95 optional fee for an artist to participate. This fee is for the supplies and shipping for the compilation. WSVNRadio does not profit in any way from this fee.

    If an artist completes the contract and pays the fee, the artist will receive by mail, a professional CD of the Hall of Fame Volume, with artwork and jewel case.

    If an artist completes the contract and does not pay the fee, they will only receive the 20 songs in mp3 format.

    The $9.95 fee can be paid by our PayPal account, or by money order. Click on the PayPal logo for our account.

    Breakdown of costs for each Volume
    Single-Disc Compilation
    SuppliesHow ManyAverage Costs
    JewelCase Labels
    (Front and Back)
    20 labels $20.99 Reference
    CD Labels 40 labels $20.99 Reference
    JewelCases 25 cases $31.20 Reference
    Blank CDs 30 CD-R's $14.99 Reference
    Mailer Envelopes 2 10 pks @ $6.19 ea. $12.38 Reference
    Mailing Labels $11.99 Reference
    Bubble Wrap $13.99 Reference
    Tape 1 Roll $3.99
    Ink $58.99 Black & Color Cartridges (HP)
    Shipping & Handling 20 x $2.50 $50.00 Assuming U.S. Postage;
    Oversea artists will cost more
    TOTAL: $239.51
    20 Artists @ $9.95: $199.00

    WSVNRadio does not profit or does not receive tax writeoffs for these compilations.

    Contract HTML format Download
    Contract Office 97 format Download

    So... If you would like to be promoted on our station as part of our Hall of Fame compilations, please email us, at:
    Send us your music and contract, and we will feature your music on our site, and play your songs on our station!

    Attn: New Artists
    PO Box 132
    Thornton, IL 60476-0132

    Volumes 1 - 10,
    A WSVNRadio Christmas,
    Volumes 11 - 14,
    WSVN Country,
    Volumes 15 - 20,
    The Best Of The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame,
    Volume 21,
    WSVNRadio Salutes The Beatles,
    Volume 22