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Pearl Jam
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February 11 - 17, 2024

Year of Release: 1998
  • Brain Of J
  • Faithfull
  • No Way
  • Given To Fly
  • Wishlist
  • Pilate
  • Do The Evolution
  • The Color Red
  • MFC
  • Low Light
  • In Hiding
  • Push Me Pull Me
  • All Those Yesterdays
  • Hummas

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    Pearl Jam returns this week, with their 1988 release, Yield. When Pearl Jam first emerged onto the music scene, they, along with Curt Cobain and Nirvana were among the top and finest new bands at the time. Grunge music was described as their musical style. Grunge became another new genre in popular music. Unfortunately, Curt Cobain would take his life in 1994, at the age of 27. Many would worry that (possibly) lead singer of Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, would follow. Luckily, it didn't, as Eddie is still with us, and likewise, his band, Pearl Jam. Yield would become another #1 album for the band, and continuing their legacy as one of Rock's best bands - whether you call them grunge (still), or preferably, Alternative Rock.

    "Brain Of J" kicks off the album, and definitely goes back to the early years of Pearl Jam, and Grunge music. Starting out slow, yet kicking into grunge gear, "Faithfull" is another flashback to the early years, and, is another good Rock tune. "No Way" is a bit darker, yet it has a great sound, perfect for Pearl Jam.

    "Given To Fly" was one of two hit singles from the album, as "Given To Fly" reached #1 on Billboard's Mainstream Rock singles chart, for six weeks. (There's a Led Zeppelin tune in my head as I listen to this one.) "Wishlist" was the other single from the album, and it is definitely Pearl Jam; if you've never heard this song. "Pilate" starts out slowly in its main verses, and kicks into the grunge style in chorus. Nirvana comes to mind on this track. "Do The Evolution" is another high-driven Rock track, easily fitting early grunge and (most definitely) Alternative Rock.

    The next track is titled as a red dot, but if you're wanting to put a title on it (for mp3 purposes), either "The Color Red" or "Red Bar" would get it's title. It's eerie, and not your regular Pearl Jam track. And it's short in length, 1:07. "MFC" returns the Pearl Jam sound, and the early grunge. "Low Light" is another slow-paced track, yet it's these kinds of songs that makes Pearl Jam great. "In Hiding" also reflects hearing the lead vocals. It's obvious in hearing this, and knowing that it's the distinct voice of Eddie Vedder. If you're familiar with the band Pearl Jam, it's easy to recognize that it's the great vocals of Eddie Vedder, and his band, Pearl Jam. "Push Me Pull Me" is probably the least favorite on this album, it's more of spoken voice, and quite strange. Early Grunge/Nirvana gets "All Those Yesterdays," and afterwards, is the hidden track "Hummas." It's an instrumental, and it's not your "typical Pearl Jam" track. (Which is probably why this track is hidden, and sounds like a small instrumental jam session or warm up.)

    Yield was meant for Pearl Jam's return to their early and straightforward Rock sound. It's definitely there. Their debut album Ten is tough to compare, yet it is great to hear Pearl Jam returning back to their early roots of their Rock sound. The early years of Grunge were tremendous, and hearing Pearl Jam recording their finest at what they do best, and that is being a great Alternative Rock band.

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