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Alter Bridge

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April 23 - 29, 2023

Year of Release: 2010
  • Slip To The Void
  • Isolation
  • Ghost Of Days Gone By
  • All Hope Is Gone
  • Still Remains
  • Make It Right
  • Wonderful Life
  • I Know It Hurts
  • Show Me A Sign
  • Fallout
  • Breathe Again
  • Couer D'Alene
  • Life Must GO On
  • Words Darker Than THeir Wings
  • Zero
  • Home

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    Hard Rock, Alternative Metal, Heavy Metal are the genres that describes this week's chosen band, Alter Bridge. Their third album, ANB III, included a #1 hit on Billboard's Mainstream Rock chart - "Isolation." Members of the band, Mark Tremonti (lead guitar) and Scott Phillips (drums) were from the band Creed. When Creed became inactive in 2003, Myles Kennedy (rhythm guitar) and Brian Marshall (bass) became Alter Bridge in 2004.

    Leading off the album, is Slip To The Void," a song that starts out mellow, yet kicks into hard rock gear fashion. The #1 "Isolation" is even harder. (Written by the band Alter Bridge, as well as the all the songs on this album, "Isolation" is obviously NOT a remake of the song by John Lennon.) "Ghost Of Days Gone By" is quite good; being a commonday Rock track. Likewise, so is "All Hope Is Gone." However, "Ghost Of Days Gone By" is the better of the two. "Still Remains" returns to the harder rock, easily fitting the Alternative Rock/Metal genre. "Make It Right" is also another Alternative Rocker, and rocking it does; it's a very powerful Alternative Rock song.

    As in most hard rock albums, there's a softer rock track, to break away from the harder and powerful rock songs. "Wonderful Life" is that song. A very good Rock ballad from the band Alter Bridge. And, as expected the next track "I Know It Hurts" returns again to the hard rock/Alternative Rock style. "Show Me A Sign" is also another Alternative Rock song, and as other songs heard from this album, it compares to another Alternative Rock band -- Staind. And "Fallout" is another good rocker; it almost has a similar sound to Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead Or Alive," if Bon Jovi got just a little more heavier in sound. The vocals on "Breathe Again" is gentler, and it works with the Alternative Rock sound of it. Another powerful Alternative Rock has "Coeur D'Alene."

    Back Burner has a more '80s Pop style, such as Hall & Oates. "Will You Take Me Back" is just beautiful - an 80s Christian Rock ballad. And another good 80s rock has "I Know You By Heart." The album ends with "Up To The Mountain," a great song to end the album, and an excelent album that is, as a whole. "Life Must Go On" gets the comparison of Creed's "My Sacrifice." This track is another impressive one. "Words Darker Than Their Wings" is good, yet there are other songs that are better. "Zero" is quite another good and impressive Alternative Rock track. Way better than the previous song. The zero song title definitely does not rate this song at all. "Home" is another powerful rock track, ending the album. (Both "Zero" and "Home" were bonus tracks.)

    Alter Bridge's AB III is a very powerful hard rock/Alternative Rock album. Bands such as Creed and Staind, and practically any Alternative Rock band out there (Foo Fighters, Goo Goo Dolls), this is an album that is meant for fans of Alternative Rock in general. The band Green Day could be another comparison, yet with with harder sounding vocalization. Alter Bridge was also labeled as post-grunge to add to Alternative.

    If it's harder rock in the Alterative style you're looking for, Alter Bridge is the choice. There isn't really a bad track on this album. The album as a whole is worth a listen. Hard Rock gets the attention on this one, and for hard rock fans, this is one they will enjoy.

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