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Tangerine Dream

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August 21 - 27, 2016

Year of Release: 2011
Disc One:
  • Atem
  • Fauni-Gena
  • Circulation Of Events
  • Wahn
    Disc Two:
  • The Deutschlandhalle Performance

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    This week marks the debut on our website of Tangerine Dream. This band has been in existence since 1967, and still remains together today. They formed in Germany. And quite honestly to point out, there are many German bands who are very distinctive and unique, giving them their own chapter in music. Their styles of music has been different than the common Rock & Roll: Electronic, New Age, Electronica, Experimental, Progressive. They've also produced movie soundtracks. Founded by Edgar Froese, he would remain the leader until his death in 2015. The band continued onward, continuing his vision for the band.

    Atem was the band's fourth album in the chronological career. It was originally released in 1973. It would be the band's last album in their "Pink Years" period. This name evolved from their first four albums, which were on the Ohr electronic music label. A pink ear was included in Ohr's logo. These first four albums developed a music genre known as Krautrock. This genre was experimental rock, which was formed in Germany in the late 1960s. Krautrock was based on musical forms as Psychedelic Rock, Avant-Garde, Electronic Music, Funk, Minnialism, Jazz Provision, and World Music styles. This was well different than the tradtional British music at the time, consisting of Blues and Rock & Roll. Not only was Electronic Music in Krautrock, it also formed Ambient Music, as well as the birth of Post-Punk, Alternative Rock and New Age. Atem was re-released in 2011 as a 2-disc set. Disc one featured the original four tracks, where two of them were over 10 minutes in length; the remaining two were five minutes or less. (This was traditionally the standard lengths of tracks from Progressive bands.) The second disc featured a concert pf The Deutschlandhalle Performance. Deutschlandhalle was an areana located in the Westend neighborhood of Berlin, Germany. It was first built in 1935, and was a landmark status in 1995, but in 2011 at the end of they year, the building was demolished. Tangerine Dream's performance there was recorded on November 29, 1973.

    The opening title track is a 20-minute masterpiece, with its opening of drums in the Progressive Rock style (Chris Franke). It then turns into a Space Rock classic. The early years of both Pink Floyd and Hawkwind gets the comparison. It continues on, with the next track, the 10-minute "Fauni-Gena." It's Space Rock / Progressive sound also makes it very impressive. It can also be compared to today's New Age music. "Circulation Of Events" keeps the flow going, as in the previous track. "Wahn" is very spaced, and sounding as World Music.

    Disc two is a 40-minute track, from The Deutschlandhalle Performace, 11/29/1973. It's unique sound of Space Rock is outstanding, and I'm sure not only listening to this in concert, I'm sure there were visual effects to watch as the band performed - An experience of sight and sound. There are some great "segments" throughout. Dreamy in sound; one part compares to the dreamy style of Led Zeppelin's Houses Of The Holy track, "No Quarter."

    Atem by Tangerine Dream is an experience. It's quite different than you would expect. This is Space-influenced music. It's relaxing. It's hypnotizing. You experience into a world of your own. It makes you want to hear more of their past releases and beyond. Tangerine Dream is meant to be experienced. If you're looking for something different, this is it. It's a great "different." And for the common music lover, this experience will put you in your own comfort zone; with this particular album, maybe your own Twilight Zone.

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