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Justin Bieber
"Believe: Acoustic"

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October 30 - 05, 2022

Year of Release: 1993
  • Boyfriend
  • As Long As You Love Me
  • Beauty And A Beat
  • She Don't Like The Lights
  • Take You
  • Be Alright
  • All Around The World
  • Fakk (Live)
  • Yellow Raincoat
  • I Would
  • Nothing Like Us

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    The Bieber has arrived... Ozzy Osbourne: "What's a Bieber?"

    Justin Bieber's Believe: Acoustic" gets the nod this week, and it's his first album reviewed here on WSVNRadio. Released in 2013, Bieber was still the "innocent" boy phase, until he grew up, and became his own person, away from the innocence that everyone thought he would remain. Believe: Acoustic -- an unplugged Bieber? Looks like it. It was his third remix album, based on his 2012 album, Believe.

    "Boyfriend" was one of 5 singles from the original Believe album, and it's pretty good as acoustic. However, "Boyfriend" is better than another original Believe single, "As Long As You Love Me." Those "la-la-la's" kinda reminds me of Blind Melon, and their huge hit, "No Rain." "Beauty And A Beat" was the third single from the original Believe, and it's better than the acoustic "As Long As You Love Me," yet "Boyfriend" still is in the lead as the acoustic version winner.

    "She Don't Like The Lights" is getting better, yet it wasn't a hit single from the original Believe, and it should have been, acoustic version. (Note: None of the acoustic versions were singles released from the Believe: Acoustic album. (Surprised? Yes.) "Take You" continues excellence, both vocally and the acoustic guitar work. "Be Alright" highlights the piano on this "acoustic" version. And Bieber's voice once again stands out.

    "All Around The World" acoustic version definitely gets strumming, and another impressive acoustic version here, and it was another single from the original Believe. "Fall" is a live version, and I'm guessing that the stage this song was recorded from had the "unplugged" feel, as in many of the MTV Unplugged shows. (It would have been interesting, if this acoustic album was that of an "Unplugged" concert. It seems the acoustic unplugged atmosphere does bring out the original tunes in acoustic form in much more interesting ways, both musically and vocally.

    The remaining songs from this acoustic album were not on the original Believe, as well another original single, "Right Here.' "Yellow Raincoat" is the first of the 3 remaining songs, and it just pure lovely. Bieber's voice has a somewhat Michael Jackson quality about it. "I Would" is just plain Fantastic! A great tune. (This song does sound a bit like Ed Sherran's "Thinking Out Loud." No wonder, Sheeran's song is a great song also.) Better than "Boyfriend" ? Hmmm, that's a tough one. Ending the acoustic Believe is a bonus track, "Nothing Like Us," a pleasant tune, ending this very impressive acoustic album.

    Now, I never really followed Justin Bieber's career, from his "innocence" years to his adulthood. After listening to Believe: Acoustic, I realize, that he does have a good singing voice, and as mentioned, the acoustic versions of previous released music does have a much better quality. The acoustic versions here (and throughout) from this album are quite enjoyable. Are the acoustinc versions better than those from the original Believe ? That has yet to be answered, until the original Believe album is reviewed here.

    But in all's fairness, Justin Bieber's Believe: Acoustic does raise the eyebrows on us "old folk fans" of music. Take a listen, with an open mind and ears. Pretty impressive, from the early years of Justin Bieber, and watching him grow up into adulthood. (Remember when this happened with Britney Spears?)

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