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Oak Ridge Boys
"Bobbie Sue"


October 02 - 08, 2022

Year of Release: 1982
  • Bobbie Sue
  • I Wish You Were Here
    Oh My Darlin')
  • Doctor's Orders
  • Old Kentucky Song
  • So Fine
  • I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head
    (And Left My Heart Alone)
  • Back In Your Arms Again
  • Up On Cripple Creek
  • Until You
  • Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport

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    Throughout the 1980s Country music, there were two groups that were extremely popular, and in comparing the two, who would you vote for the better one? In my opinion, they were both equal -- Alabama, and this week's pick (and a studio album by them; a first for them here) - The Oak Ridge Boys. Both Alabama and the Oak Ridge Boys achieved one hit after another, and of course, many #1 Country hits. This week, we look at the studio release of the Oak Ridge Boys' 1982 album, Bobbie Sue.

    Of course, when thinking of the Oak Ridge Boys, one song comes to mind, the popular "Elvira." However, "Bobbie Sue" would be a close second, or a natural tie with "Elvira." No doubt, "Bobbie Sue" is one of the best Country songs ever recorded.

    And, in comparing TODAY's Country to that of the Oak Ridge Boys, there is NO comparison. The Oak Ridge Boys is TRUE Country. Just listen to the next track, "I Wish You Were Here (Oh My Darlin')." It's just as great as if Alabama had recorded it also. "Doctor's Orders" is another good track, having that great bouncing Country that the Oak Ridge Boys could only provide. "Old Kentucky Home" is another great and true Country sounding track. This track was co-written by Kix Brooks, of Brooks & Dunn, so you know it has to be a great Country tune.

    "So Fine" has the "Elvira" vibe to it, almost. It also the vibe of another great Country song, "I Ain't Never" by Mel Tillis. Yet, it's another good track by the Oak Ridge Boys. "I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone)" (Now, there's a great Country title!) is a more laid-back tune; it has great vocals, another great quality the Oak Ridge Boys have always provided. "Back In Your Arms Again" is another laid-back tune, much slower, and has a somewhat good soulful quality.

    It seems that many Country acts provide a remake of a past Rock song. The Band's "Up On Cripple Creek" gets the Oak Ridge Boys treatment. Sure, the Band's version is truly the better of the two, yet the Oak Ridge Boys provides their own quality to it - Country style. The deep bass voice of Richard Sterban is the highlight of the next track, "Until You." A ballad-like tune, it's sounds just great. "Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport" is another nice ballad-like track, ending the album.

    The Oak Ridge Boys' Bobbie Sue is a great studio album. The title track was the most popular tune from the album, as "I Wish You Could Have Turned My Head (And Left My Heart Alone)" was the second single. (Having that particular title, you know it had to be a single release.) "So Fine" was a remake, the original was by the late 1950s group, The Fiestas. And of course, another cover was The Band's "Up On Cripple Creek."

    The Oak Ridge Boys' Greatest Hits and Greatest Hits Volume 2 were past chosen albums here on WSVNRadio.net, yet the studio albums would be a treat to listen to. Only two singles from this album were released, so there were 8 other songs that may or may not have been given radio airplay, back in 1982. All 10 songs here are extremely exceptional. The Oak Ridge Boys were a very popular singing group, defining the 1980s Country sound, being one of many popular acts during their peak years, the late 1970s - 1980s. But did you know, they actually started in 1958, and recorded gospel albums in the 1960s. And speaking of gospel, you can easily tell that they could easily been popular in the Christian and Gospel genres of Popular Music. (Which I have to compare them to the popular Christian/Gospel group, the Gaither Vocal Band, lead by famous Christian/Gospel singer, Bill Gaither - who has been recording great music since the 1960s.)

    The Bobbie Sue album is a great listen. It's great Country at its finest. You can't go wrong with the Oak Ridge Boys. They are still performing and recording. Ever since their first album The Oak Ridge Quartet in 1958, they have been together for over 60 years. ANd, the original members are still together - Joe Bosnall, Duane Allen, William Lee Golden, and Richard Sterban. 60+ years of great music, The Oak Ridge Boys are still going strong.

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