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The Bacon Brothers
"Can't Complain"

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February 19 - 25, 2023

Year of Release: 2001
  • Paris
  • Grace
  • Don't Leave The Lava Lamp
    On For Me
  • Mother Fear
  • Sooner Or Later
  • Heart Half Full
  • Can't Complain
  • Light The Way
  • Baby Steps
  • I'm So Glad I'm Not Married
  • Summer Of Love (Woodstock '99)
  • She Is The Heart
  • Bus

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    The Bacon Brothers debut this week, as they are Kevin (the well-known actor), and his brother, Michael. Where many actors/actresses who take a shot at music, some may not make a name for themselves in the musical roads. Yet, The Bacon Brothers proves that wrong, as they present a great style of Americana music. They are musically gifted, as the rest of these actors/actresses turning to music may not be as lucky. Their third album of their career gets the debut here on WSVNRadio, Can't Complain (2001). And, as the title of this album states, there really isn't any complaints.

    "Paris" leads off the album, with a very impressive Classical-sounding intro. Mixing the Classical then turns into a very good Rock track. John Mellencamp fans will enjoy "Grace." It's another great, smooth-sounding tune. "Don't Leave The Lava Lamp On For Me" is Americana/Country. And it can easily fit today's Country format, that being better than the Pop-Country we are familiar with today. (I can't help but hear the song " Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On" by Mel McDaniel here and there in this song.) Slowing things down (and in a good way) is the nice ballad-sounding "Mother Fear," another Mellecamp'ish track.

    The Classical intro returns on the next track, "Sooner Or Later," as it is another smooth, ballad-like song with great vocalization and guitar. "Heart Half Full" starts out what sounds like a Rock song, however, it turns slower than its intro. Not a bad way, but it develops into another nice tune, and, with the Mellencamp sound. The title track definitely sounds like Mellecamp (vocal wise), and also Paul Simon's solo work from Graceland. "Light The Way" is another good mellow track and good Americana.

    Get your hands clapping along the next track, "Baby Steps." It's a great happy-go-lucky track, and again, it's Mellencamp'ish. Maybe Jimmy Buffett too? "I'm So Glad I'm Not Married" is a very upbeat rocking track. Likewise, another good rocking song is "Summer Of Love (Woodstock '99)." And the Classical intro returns on the "She Is The Heart," and this song is a beautiful piano-driven ballad. "Bus" ends the album, another upbeat Americana/Mellencamp track.

    The Bacon Brothers' Can't Complain has NO Complaints. John Mellencamp fans will enjoy this album. How impressive are the Classical intros to some of the tracks. Kevin Bacon is not only a great actor, he, along with his brother are great musicians. They've released many albums, and we'll review more of them in the future. The Bacon Brothers have arrived here at WSVNRadio, and they should arrive for your ears and collections also.

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