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"Century Chil"

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August 06 - 12, 2023

Year of Release: 2002
  • Bless The Child
  • End Of All Hope
  • Dead To The World
  • Ever Dream
  • Slaying The Dreamer
  • Forever Yours
  • Ocean Soul
  • Feel For You
  • The Phantom Of The Opera
  • Beauty Of The Beast

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    The Finnish (Finland) symphonic metal band Nightwish debuts this week, with their fourth album of their career, Century Child, released in 2002. The band was lead by female singer Tarja Turunen. She would be the band's lead singer from it's start in 1997 to 2007. Another term for Nightwish, is that of goth-influenced (symphonic) metal. In simple terms, Heavy Metal. Century Child would be the first album of theirs, to feature an orchestra.

    And the orchestra booms on the opening track, "Bless The Child." It's hard driving Rock can easily be compared to an opening track by Ozzy Osbourne. Yet, it's the female vocals of Turunen that attracts attention. "Bless The Child" was one of two singles from the album, and it's a great choice for a single, and a great album opener. "End Of All Hope" is more hard rocking, and again, it's Turunen's vocals that makes it. "Dead To The World" more of Speed Metal, loud, and heavy. (It does slow down a bit towards the middle; a good mix in between.)

    "Ever Dream" is more mellow compared to the first three tunes, yet it works well with its Rock riffs, and the orchestra definitely works well also. Ever Dream" was the other single from this album. Heavy Metal Rock clearly defines the next track, "Slaying The Dreamer." It's another good rocking tune to enjoy. (If the band Heart ever went in this direction, this is how they could have sounded.) And WHOA!, does this song takes a whole different direction towards its end. It's LOUD, the vocals are SCREAMING, it's INTENSE!

    And then "Forever Yours" really slows down the pace throughout. A power ballad? Yes, it's a great tune to slow down the at this point. And again, Tarja Turunen's voice is superb. (And this song somehow does have a slight feel to Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." It's that good. "Ocean Soul" continues where "Forever Yours" leaves off, but it does kick it up a notch after it's introduction of the song. Another powerful Rock tune. The orchestra is in full swing on the next track, "Feel For You." It's another top-notch Rock track. "Phantom Of The Opera" is another good track, with Tarja's great vocals, and bass player Marko Hietala also helps out with his vocals. It was his first appearance as bass player with Nightwish. Ending the album is "Beauty Of The Beast," a theatrical Rock track, consisting of three parts: "Lost Long Love," "One More Night To Live," and "Christabel."

    Theatrical Rock, that could be another good term to describe Nightwish's Century Child. It's a fantastic album, with it's "theatrical" sound. It has a Heavy Metal style as well. It could also be compared to a Rock Opera atmosphere (especially the album's closing tune.) The orchestra used is another great standout. And, if you want to listen to a great female singer, it's Tarja Turunen. Nightwish is another great hard rock band, and having a female singer, it just makes it even better.

    Century Child by Nightwish -- IT ROCKS.

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