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Diamond Rio
"Close To The Edge"

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December 19 - 25, 2021

Year of Release: 1992
  • Oh Me Oh My Sweet Baby
  • In A Week Or Two
  • It Does Get Better Than This
  • Sawmill Road
  • Calling All Hearts
    (Come Back Home)
  • This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet
  • I Was Meant To Be With You
  • Old Weakness (Coming On Strong)
  • Demons And Angels
  • Nothing In This World
  • Close To The Edge

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    Diamond Rio debuts this week, with the 1992 release, Close To The Edge. This group achieved a total of five #1 Country hits (1991-2002). By 1992, they had two of those #1s. However, there were no #1 hits from Close To The Edge. There were four singles: "In A Week Or Two," "Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby," "This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet" and "Sawmill Road." Personnel changes had occurred prior to 1992; the current lineup for Close To THe Edge: Dan Truman (piano, keyboards), Gene Johnson (mandolin, fiddle, tenor vocals), Marty Roe (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jimmy Orlander (lead guitar, banjo), Dana Williams (bass guitar, baritone vocals), and Brian Prout (drums). This is the also current 2021 lineup.

    The 1990s Country music continued it's tradional "Country sound." And Diamond Rio was many groups enjoyed by Country fans alike.

    "Oh Me, Oh My, Sweet Baby" kicks off the album, with a good honky tonkin' sound. "In A Week Or Two" is a nice ballad. Upbeat (and another good song) is the next track, "It Does Get Better Than This." It's followed by another soft-Country sounding tune, "Sawmill Road." "Calling ALl Hearts (Come Back Home)" keeps the good Country sound going. "Yee-Haw" -- that's the response on "This Romeo Ain't Got Julie Yet." It's a great upbeat toe-tappin' COUNTRY tune. And the song title itself definitely is creative; it's a good Country-fitting song title.

    "I Was Meant To Be With You" is another good soft-Country tune. "Old Weakness (Coming On Strong)" has a Brooks & Dunn feel. "Demons And Angels" (again) keeps the good Country sound flowing. Likewise, the remaining two tracks are just as good, Country - "Nothing In This World" and the title track.

    The 1990s was extremely good for Country music. Diamond Rio (like many groups and artists) were popular during this decade, and DR would continue into the next decade and century. Diamond Rio not only sounded Country, they also included Bluegrass style. You can hear both the Country and Bluegrass styles throughout this album. Later in their career, they would record Christian music, and a Christmas album. In 2014, they left Christian music, and began working independently. Ten studio albums and one live, they have perfected their sound with great instrumentation (each member plays an instrument), and vocals (various members provided vocals, where in some bands, there was one main lead singer).

    Diamond Rio's Close To The Edge provides good Country music. It was the group's second studio album. Their most recent studio album was released in 2015, I Made It. They are still together, as they are scheduled to tour during the upcoming 2022 year.

    And yes, Diamond Rio's Close To The Edge is from the Goodwill Collection. One of many of those wonderful albums located from the local Goodwill stores.

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