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James McCartney
"The Complete EP Collectio"

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August 27 - 02, 2023

Year of Release: 2011
Disc One: Available Light
  • Angel
  • Glisten
  • My Friend
  • Denial
  • Old Man
  • New York Times
  • I Love You Dad
  • Moonstar
    Disc Two: Close At Hand
  • I Only Want To Be Alone
  • Wings Of A Lightest Weight
  • The Sound Of My Voice
  • Else ANd Else But Dead
  • Jesus Be My Friend
  • Fallen Angel
  • Spirt Guides
  • Your True Love

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    His famous dad, is (Sir) Paul McCartney. James McCartney is the first son of the Beatles to appear here on WSVNRadio. His mother was Linda McCartney. James has contributed his musical talents on both his father's and mother's albums. (Linda's album was Wide Prairie released in 1996 after her death (1998); it was a compilation of songs of which Linda provided lead vocals to various songs, including those from Paul McCartney & Wings. One song in particular I remember of hers, was "Cook Of The House" from Wings At The Speed Of Sound; a very inmpressive tune.) Of Paul's albums, James appeared on Flaming Pie (1997), and Driving Rain (2001). James has recorded 2 EPs (which was combined together as The Complete EP Collection: Available Light (2010), and Close At Hand (2011). He has 2 studio albums: Me (2013) and The Blackberry Train (2016). This week's review is the compilation of his two EPs, which was released in 2011, along with 5 bonus tracks.

    Disc One: Available Light (2010) - "Angel" leads off this EP, and it shows James having a sound of his own, away from his famous dad. It's pop sound has that from the 1990s decade, in such bands as the Goo Goo Dolls, and the Gin Blossoms. "Glisten" is more mellow, somewhat darker, fitting the Alternative Rock genre. Again, James has his own sound here. "My Friend" is another friendly Pop tune, and musically, it's a song that Paul could have recorded in his later musical years. Yet, it's the son of a famous Beatle discovering his own musical style and originality. "Denial" has a more Rock sound, and it's quite possible, that this song could have been done by John Lennon. Another song that has a Lennon-inspired sound, is the Flaming Lips' "Do You Realize." "Denial" gets a comparison there. "Old Man" is the Neil Young remake, and it's quite good.

    Available Light (Bonus Tracks) - "New York Times" is a true Rocking song. You can tell this is a song of good talent, that being from a famous dad. "I Love You Dad" is obvious a song for James' dad, and it also has a guitar sound (sitar style) that George Harrison had. It's another good, and impressive song. "Moonstar" is a song that you could imagine the Beatles could have recorded, if they were all still with us. It's another good rocker, and definitely a song that Paul could have penned, likewise, with John.

    Disc Two: Close At Hand (2011) - "I Only Want To Be Alone" leads off James' second EP, and it's a good track, having a somewhat Tom Petty'ish style. "Wings Of A Lightest Weight" easily fits today's Pop sounds. You could say this song could be compared to an artist from today's era - Ed Sheeran. And again, it's James discovering his own musical style and sound. Having that unique style of his own goes with the next track, "The Sound Of My Voice,' another impressive Pop-sounding tune. "Else And Else But Dead" also has the uniqueness, yet, it's a song that has other songs that are better. "Jesus Be My Friend" is mellow, and quite different to many of the songs, yet it's Pop sound is there, and being different, it continues McCartney's uniqueness to his own style. "Fallen Angel" has the piano standing out, it's another mellow'ish styled song.

    Close At Hand (Bonus Tracks) - "Spirit Guides has a good, driving rock beat. "Your True Love" definitely is compared to Paul; it has a rockabilly vibe.

    James McCartney's The Complete EP Collection is a very good collection of songs to listen to. It's from a famous Beatle, and there are many influences heard from The Beatles. Of the four, there is more of a comparison to John Lennon on many tracks. Yet, on each song, James McCartney identifies himself with his own musical style and sound. Close At Hand is a bit "mellower" than the more up-Pop of Available Light. Possibly, the better of the two would be the first EP, Available Light. Yet, both EPs are equally good, to recognize the talents of James McCartney, the son of the famous Beatle Paul.

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