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Ben Harper
"Diamonds On The Inside"

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September 26 - 02, 2021

Year of Release: 2003
  • With My Own Two Hands
  • When It's Good
  • Diamonds On The Inside
  • Touch From Your Lust
  • When She Believes
  • Brown Eyed Blues
  • Bring The Funk
  • Everything
  • Amen Omen
  • Temporary Remedy
  • SO High So Low
  • Blessed To Be A Witness
  • Picture Of Jesus
  • She's Only Happy In The Sun

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    Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals' "Steal My Kisses" is probably THE song when mentioning his name, so when I saw some of Harper's other albums at Goodwill, I just wanted to hear more of his music. His "Diamonds On The Inside" is no disappointment. This is a very good album.

    Harper combines many styles of music here. Reggae starts out the album, on "With My Own Two Hands." "When It's Good" is bluesy, and has a Prince-style to it. The title track is definitely good, and impressive. Likewise, the next track, "Touch From Your Lust," as it has a Lenny Kravitz style. "When She Believes" is a slower-sounding tune, and yet, it's another good song.

    This album gets even better, with the next song, "Brown Eyed Blues," as it is definitely a great rocking and soulful tune. The style of Funk is obvious, on "Bring The Funk," and it's a song that Prince could have recorded, likewise Lenny Kravitz. And "Everything" is another good song, with it's Southern Rock guitars. Acousticly sounding gets the next (and another good) track -- "Amen Omen."

    "Temporary Remedy" is another great song, in its true Rock style. The guitar solos stand out, and if Hendrix was alive, he just may sound like this, if he was guest appearing on Harper's album. "So High So Low" is another hard rocker. "Blessed To Be A Witness" has a nice tropical feel. "Picture Of Jesus" reminds me of Paul Simon, and Billy Joel's "River Of Dreams," with the background singers. It's another impressive tune, all the vocals are blended well. Ending the album is the nice and pleasant "She's Only Happy In The Sun." A beautiful song in sound, ending a very good and excellent album.

    Lots of different musical styles on Ben Harper's "Diamonds On The Inside" -- as they all blend well. They are their own Diamond gems. A very impressive album, as we can hear how talented Ben Harper can be. His broadens all the horizons here, and there isn't a bad track on this album. Enjoy those diamond gems here. Ben Harper's Diamonds On The Inside is a very enjoyable album. It has everything in musical styles, and that, is what WSVNRadio likes. All kinds of music.

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