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Sonic Youth


September 11 - 17, 2022

Year of Release: 1992
  • 100%
  • Swimsuit Issue
  • Theresa's Sound-World
  • Drunken Butterfly
  • Shoot
  • Wish Fulfillment
  • Sugar Kane
  • Orange Rolls Angel's Spit
  • Youth Against Facism
  • Nic Fit
  • On The Strip
  • Chapel Hill
  • JC
  • Purr
  • Creme Brulee

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    "Noise Rock" is what's best described for the music of Sonic Youth. This week, their Dirty album gets the nod, as it was the band's eighth album released, from 1992. Experimental Rock, Indie Rock, Noise Rock, Sonic Youth's Dirty is all that, and from the first track, "dirty" does take it's name well -- "Dirty Rock." In today's Rock genres, Dirty easily fits Alternative Rock. Of the 15 tracks, the vocals were mostly provided by Thurston Moore (vocals, guitar) and Kim Gordon (bass, vocals, guitar). Lee Ranaldo (guitar, vocals) provided one of those tracks.

    "100%" has that noise, and it's quite catchy. Then it goes full tilt "noise" on the next track, "Swimsuit Issue." This track could easily be compared to the early Kurt Kobain and Nirvana. Likewise definitely, on the next track, "Theresa's Sound-World," as this track is more moody, just as moody as some of the tracks that Nirvana had recorded.

    "Drunken Butterfly" is annother one of those thrash-rock tunes, and it also is a track that Nirvana could have recorded. "Shoot" is even darker, and is compared to that of what Alice Cooper may have recorded. "Wish Fulfillment" (Lee Ranaldo vocals) starts out as what could be a very experimental and theatrical piece, yet turns into a Nirvana-rock style chorus, then goes back to how it sounds in its beginning. (Another impressive track, especially on the experiemntal and theatrical pieces.)

    "Sugar Kane" is another great rock-inspired track, from start to finish. "Orange Rolls, Angel's Spit" returns the "Noise Rock," another track in true "noise" form. "Youth Against Facism" was one of four singles from the album ("100%," "Sugar Kane" and "Drunken Butterfly" were the others) And in reading of these four singles, "Youth Against Facism" did not chart as well as the others. Well, it shows. "Youth Against Facism" is harder to listen to, and in sound. Although it does fit with the other tracks on the album, yet on its own, it's quite darker-themed, and it could be a hit-or-miss track, where it mostly was a miss.

    "Nic Fit" is a punk rocking track, and is a complete 180 to the previous tracks heard. Hit-Or-Miss? Miss. "On the Strip" makes you forget about "Nic Fit" (and "Youth Against Facism"). Another interesting experimental track it is, and easily fits the album. (And somehow I hear another song while listening... Chad & Jeremy?) "Chapel Hill" sounds more of a Rock song, or Alternative Rock. Yet towards it's end, it spins into another "noise rock" (Nirvana) atmosphere. "Noise Rock" keeps continuing on "JC." Strange Rock is more like it. "Purr" is better than "JC"," another good "noise rock" track. And unique and "noise" as it is, "Creme Brulee" sounds something from deep space, and somehow, another unique group called The Shaggs also gets a comparison.

    Noise Rock, Experimental Rock, Indie Rock, Punk, Grunge, Alternative Rock. Sonic Youth's Dirty may not be for everyone. It surely has a unique sound. For Nirvana fans, this will be right up your alley. Dirty does fit its title. It explores how Rock music can turn into its own style and form. Dirty has this and more. Again, it may not be for all, and your ears will definitely need a rest after listening to these true, unique, and gifted 15 tracks.

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