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Jimmy Wayne
"Do You Believe Me Now"

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April 02 - 08, 2017

Year of Release: 2008
  • Do You Believe Me Now
  • I Will
  • I'll Be That
  • Brighter Days
  • One On One
  • Kerosene Kid
  • No Good For Me
  • True Believer
  • I Didn't Come Here To Lose
  • Where You're Going
  • Stay Gone
  • I Love You This Much

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    Again, we experience "21st Country," with Jimmy Wayne's 2008 release, Do You Believe Me Now." The title track hit #1 on Billbord's Country singles chart. Just as we reviewed Keith Urban's Ripcord, Wayne's album just maybe categorized as "today's Country Pop." Is this bad? No, not at all. It's just that I grew up on what I would call "Real Country" -- Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, and well, you know the rest...

    But today's Country has it's many hits and misses. And Jimmy Wayne gets the thumbs up for "Today's Country." Do You Believe Me Now is a very good album. And as Keith Urban's Ripcord, there are many good songs here. There are many good "Country" songs here. Although it's "Country," (yes, for some songs, they do sound "Country"); it's "Pop Country." And it is "good Pop Country," for the 21st Century.

    The #1 title track is good "Pop Country," and I can't help but hear in my hear at the end of each chorus, Carrie Underwood's "Jesus Take The Wheel." (A good comparison to Carrie, she IS Country.) "I Will" starts out what you would think is a ballad, yet it's another good Pop country tune. And again, the Pop Country continues with "I'll Be That."

    Keith Urban may have had "Better Days," and Jimmy Wayne has his "Brighter Days." Definitely a nice and easy track, and could be compared to another great Country duo, Brooks & Dunn. And another good comparison is on "One On One" -- Rascal Flatts. Then there's the Rockin' Country "Kerosene Kid." Yes, this Jimmy Wayne is favoring on a very high rating...

    Then there's the softer Country side, as the next two tracks are very good on the softer side of Country: "No Good For Me," (duet with Patty Loveless) and "True Believer."

    The Pop Country returns on the next two tracks, "I Didn't Come Here To Lose," and "Where You're Going." Both tracks are quite good, yet there are other songs that are better.

    Like, "Stay Gone"... Wow, this IS Country! How this song did not reach #1, is beyond me. It's a great song, and definitely COUNTRY. The album closes with another softer Country sound, "I Love You This Much," as it reminds me of another great soft Country ballad by Billy Dean -- "Let Them Be Little" A note on these two songs mentioned: They were re-recorded for this album, as both tracks were originally from his self-titled debut album, released in 2003. His most recent album was recorded in 2009, Sara Smile. The title was named after the famous hit by Daryl Hall & John Oates. Hall & Oates recorded the title track with Jimmy Wayne for his album. As of this date, there have been no new albums released.

    But move over to most of today's Country favorites. Jimmy Wayne's Do You Believe Me Now IS a Country sounding album. Yes, it has the Pop Country style. Yes, it does have a TRUE Country style. And Jimmy Wayne's singing voice IS Country. I would say better than Keith Urban. Better than his recent reviewed Ripcord at least. The title of Jimmy Wayne's album will make you believe, that Jimmy Wayne is a Country artist. Do You Believe Me Now IS a Country album for the 21st Century.

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