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David Hasselhoff


August 02 - 08, 2020

Year of Release: 1994
  • Du
  • What A Feeling
  • Gimme Your Love
  • Save The World
  • Turn Me Inside Out
  • Summer Of Love
  • These Lovin' Eyes
  • Days Of Our Love
  • Try A Little Tenderness
  • Lifeline
  • Live Until I Die
  • Rockin' The Night Away
  • Time For Lovin'
  • You

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    Welcome back, David Hasselhoff!! It was just about year ago, when he first appeared on the WSVNRadio website -- Everybody Sunshine. Hasselhoff's music is not for everybody, as Everybody Sunshine was a give-or-take. Du however, has its moments, as it is a fairly good album. But, let's face it, Hasselhoff as a singer is not his finest moment. He is more famous as a singer in Germany. But here in the U.S., he has made a name for himself from the TV show Baywatch. As a singer, don't give up your day job for it. Du is a 1990s Pop album. It has its moments, not many, but in the end, Hasselhoff may not be the best singer, but he is trying!

    Take the opening title track, sung in German (the only song sung in this language), it is pretty good. In English, it is "You", which would be the last track from this album. The second track from the album, is "What A Feeling." It has the German feel, '90s Pop. "Gimme Your Love" is just ok, as it has a reggae'ish style. "Save The World" is also ok, as Hasselhoff's daughter Taylor-Ann helps out. How old was the daughter? 4 years old. So her singing can't be as bad as her Dad? Well... The background singers in this song though, has a resemblance to Mike + The Mechanics' "Living Years" but in a more upbeat fashion. The background singers are the standout on this track.

    "Turn Me Inside Out" is another reggae'ish track. The background singers are the standout again on "Summer Of Love." Then there is the "impressive" Country-ish ballad, "These Lovin' Eyes." This track is not bad for David, both musically and vocally. More of the Pop '90s has "Days Of Our Love." "Try A Little Tenderness" (not the Otis Redding track, darn) is tropical'ish; Jimmy Buffett? Maybe. Maybe not.

    Dance style is the verdict on "Lifeline" -- 1990s Dance. The same can be said for the next track, "Live Until I Die." It has a more techno style, as in other German bands Laibach and KMFDM. "Rockin' The Night Away" sounds like a bad 1990s trying-to-sound-like-Country song. I can hear the Country band The Mavericks singing this song, and way better. It just brings a chuckle hearing Huff, as again, he is trying!

    "Time For Lovin'" -- there are songs like these on this album, where the Huff "sings" in the low, Barry White-like voice. This is one of them, then he sings normally. This track does well as the others, being a more soft-rock song. "Under The Milky Way" styled-voice, as heard by band The Church. The album closes with another soft rock track, <>"You." The softer sounding songs do work well than the others.

    Du has its moments, good and bad. David Hasselhoff is NOT a singer, but he tries. Du is actually quite listenable, but you have to laugh. Du is better than Everybody Sunshine. From my review of Everybody Sunshine, last paragraph:
    WSVNRadio has proved again and again, that "Everything in Music" applies. David Hasselhoff has his career in music, and his "style" easily fits the "Everything in Music" slogan that WSVNRadio provides. For some, his music is just as entertaining as the other. Yet again, it may just not in this album's case. It is more novelty than serious music he sings. Yet it's David Hasselhoff, the actor. There have been other actors/actresses who took the chance in singing, and recording albums. Hasselhoff's musical career has spanned decades, whether his singing is taken seriously, or not. Better than Jerry Springer? Yes! Better than Don Johnson? No. There are others of course, who were/are better than the Hoff, and some who are not. But keeping an open mind, you have to give the Hoff credit for trying. I am sure there are other of his albums that are better than Everybody Sunshine. We will determine that, at later dates.

    Du is not a novelty album. As mentioned, "Give the Hoff credit for trying." That "later date" has arrived. David Hasselhoff's second album to appear here has arrived: Du. It is a better listen, but still, this is not an album to recommend. For the "novelty" ? Yes, for some. But Du does have it's moments. I am sure there are other of his albums that are better than Everybody Sunshine, and Du. We will determine that, at later dates.

    Yes... MORE of The Hoff, on the way... at later dates...

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