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Papa Roach
"Ego Trip"

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May 21 - 27, 2023

Year of Release: 2022
  • Kill The Noise
  • Stand Up
  • Serve
  • Bloodline
  • Liar
  • Ego Trip
  • Unglued
  • Dying To Believe
  • Killing Time
  • Leave A Light On
  • Always Wandering
  • No Apologies
  • Cut The Line
  • I Surrender

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    WSVNRadio has added the #1 Mainstream Rock Songs (Billboard), and from that list is the band Papa Roach, and their album from 2022, Ego Trip. From that album, there were a total of three #1 hits: "Kill The Noise," "No Apologies" and "Cut The Line." Mainstream Rock Songs are basically Hard Rock and Alternative Rock songs. (However, when these songs first started in 1981 to the late 1990s, they are now considered "Classic Rock Songs." Throughout the next decades afterwards, the direction of this particular Rock music pointed towards much harder rock in sound. And Papa Roach is one of those hard rock groups. They are easily categorized as "Hard Rock" and even "Alternative."

    "Kill The Noise" leads off the album, and it is a good hard rock song to listen to. However the next track, is much louder - "Stand Up." It's almost as if the lead vocals tends to the spoken Rap style. (If Rappers can do it, why can't hard rockers do as well?) Speaking of Rap, "Swerve" definitely combines Rap and Hard Rock in full loud rock force. "Bloodline" is another loud sounding, hardcore Rock song, with its rough and loud lyrics. Is it Rap or just loud spoken lyrics on "Liar"? You decide. The Rock sound of "Ego Trip" is quite good, but the vocals are now getting annoying. It's that loudness, brash, vocal style.

    "Unglued" isn't as bad. The music of it is quite smooth, even the vocals aren't as brash in sound, so it does work. "Dying To Believe" isn't bad either, although it's "Rap or is it regular spoken lyrics" moments appears, and not as "annoying." Bot towards the end, it's more screaming vocals, and yes, that does get annoying. "Killing Time" is no different. It does have the brash vocal style again. However, towards the end, it sounds more like music for a horror picture soundtrack. The acoustic "Leave A Light Out" is quite a refresher. It's calm, soothing, and a good wind down from the previous hard rock, thrash and brash sounds. "Always Wandering" is quite good also, it has a more pleasant Rock style, even fits good Alternative.

    "No Apologies" is also another good track, as it was a #1 Mainstream Rock hit. A true Alternative Rock song, this song, as well the album's opener, "Killing The Noise" deserved to hit #1. They are both good songs. "Cut The Line" follows, and it also was a #1 Mainstream Rock hit, and it's a bit more harder rock than the previous two #1 songs mentioned. It's another good song though, just maybe the other two #1's are just a bit better. Ending the album is "I Surrender," which is another good track, and is better than most of the previous tracks throughout the album.

    Papa Roach's Ego Trip travels through the harder rock style in popular music. It may not be the right music to listen to for some Rock music fans. But there are some good Hard Rock/Alternative songs here. Some better than others. Some that could easily push the "skip" button, some to forget. But, they have accomplished what alot of other popular artists and groups have achieved through out their careers: Reaching the #1 spot on their appropriate charts, and more than once in the aspect. Just as Elvis and The Beatles did. Just as Elton John, Billy Joel, Stevie Wonder - the list goes on and on. Even Rap artists - Eminem, Drake, and others. Mainstream Rock has achieved it's own "Rock Stars," by achieving all otheir predecessors have done: Achieving #1 status. Now, the Mainstream Rock Songs did not get as much publicity as the 1950s to 1980s decades, where mushc of those decades' songs are easily in our brains to remember for future years to follow. (Will anyone remember Papa Roach's #1 songs, thirty years from now? It's quite possible, especially for those who are true fans, and other fans of the other Mainstream Rock acts.)

    In looking at the band's history, especially the musical style, they have been classified as Alternative Metal, Hard Rock, Rap Metal, Alternative Rock, Nu Metal, Rap Rock, Punk Rock, Pop Rock, and Rapcore. I can easily hear how they can be Alternative Rock, Hard Rock, Rap Rock. Rap Metal? That's a new one for me. Pop Rock? Not the Pop and Rock I've familiar with. Rapcore would make sense, and that term is another new one for me. Not exactually sure about Nu Metal, I'd have to research on that one. SO, as I was mentioning about the "rap and spoken lyrics" heard on this album, I guess the terms Rap Metal and Rapcore would make sense. Papa Roach's music may not please everyone, but given today's music, there isn't alot to choose from. Rap? The New Country? Country Rap? And then there is today's Alternative. Papa Roach would be more considered as an Alternative Rock band, than Rock. Alternative Rock is another genre that is quite impressive, based on who you listen to from this genre. Songs from Ego Trip in that Alternative Rock genre are here. Some better than others. But here's a question... Would you rather listen to todays' Alternative Rock over today's Rap? Or, the music of the 50s through 80s decades? Some would choose the latter, than over the music of the 1990s and beyond. True, the music of the 1950s through the 1980s were the peak of great music. But, music has changed (even throughout the peak decades mentioned.) Yes, there are some good musical genres/styles from the 1990s on, but you really have to pick and choose, rather than know that everything you would hear would be memorable for your own decades in your life to follow. This was the case for those who lived and listened throughout the 1950s to the 1980s decades, in our young youths.

    But Papa Roach isn't all that bad. Yes, some songs are good, some not. But give them and everyone else credit, for creating "new" music, and hopefully having their fans enjoy what they have recorded, and keep their music in their memory banks, for decades to follow. Papa Roach's record label says it all in this regard: New Noize Records, Inc.

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