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August 14 - 20, 2022

Year of Release: 2001
  • Theme Of Exodus
  • Summer Of Cyprus
  • Escape
  • Ari
  • Karen
  • Valley Of Jezebel
  • Fight For Survival
  • In Jersusalem
  • The Brothers
  • Conspiracy
  • Prison Break
  • Dawn
  • Fight For Peace

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    Otto Preminger's 1960 epic Exodus is the story of a people's bitter battle to gain their freedom and identity. Ernest Gold's musical score and its enduring "Theme of Exodus" has become one of the most renowed, memorable, and popular pieces of movie music ever written. The theme won Gold's score an Oscar. The album garnered Grammy® awards for Bes Song and Best Soundtrack Album, and was at the top of the Billboard's charts for fourteen weeks.

    The movie soundtrack of Exodus gets the nod this week, as the movie was released in 1960, starring Paul Newmman, Eva Marie Saint, Ralph Richardson, Peter Lawford, Sal Mineo, Lee Haworth, Lee J. Cobb, and John Derek. The movie was produced and directed by Otto Preminger. The film's music soundtrack was written by Enest Gold.

    Each song is full and rich with orchestration. It is truly defined as a super-induced movie soundtrack. Very theatrical is another term for this soundtrack. My only concern, is that with many of the songs being heard, their endings sound as if they would keep going, rich and full textured. But on that notion, the next available track continues the richness of its music. The first seven tracks easily fulfills this rich and enduring sound. However, with "In Jerusalem, it has a somewhat sadness sound. but towards its end, it rebuilds the incredible orchestration, as heard in many of the preivous tracks. (Since the movie's theme is based World War II and the Holocaust, another movie soundtrack comes to mind -- Steven Speilberg's Schindler's List. (Actually, the Exodus movie was based on the aftermath of World War II, and the Holocaust survivors.) The next track, "The Brothers" also has a sad and haunting sound, throughout.

    "Conspiracy" has a somewhat Japanese (or is it Indian, based on its vocals) styled sound; again, it takes us into another great orchestration atmosphere. Strike up the band is the atmosphere, on "Prison Break." And striking up the band indeed is heard, as the title indicates, "a prison break in the making." "Dawn" settles it down (especially from the strong "Prison Break." It's as soothing as the beginning of the famous "William Tell Overture," then turns into another great orchestration piece. Ending the album is another powerful reprise of the opening theme of Exodus, "Fight For Peace."

    The opening theme of Exodus may ring some musical memory bells, as this song was covered by many, and some provided vocals to the song. The most famous instrumental version was by Ferrante & Teicher. Their piano-styled songs provided many popular songs from movie soundtracks. Those who provided vocals to this theme were by such artists as Andy Williams, Eddie Harris, Edith Piaf, Mantovani, Peter Nero, Connie Francis, Tova Porat, and others.

    Classical Music would best be described for this soundtrack of Exodus. Full of rich, full orchestration, it is definitely a movie soundtrack sounding album. In listening to this album, other movie soundtracks are compared, that is to the many western movies. Yet still, it's a great sounding album, regarding to a movie. And that movie is Exodus. It will make you want to watch the movie. I haven't seen the movie, yet its a movie with Paul Newman, and you can't go wrong with any of his movies. Paul Newman was a great actor. Although he wasn't nominated for any awards for Exodus, the movie itself was nominated and did win in awards - Academy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Grammy Awards, International Film Music Critics Awards, Laurel Awards, and Satellite Awards. And, as it was mentioned on the packaging of the CD, the movie soundtrack was on the top of the Billboard's charts. In particular, it was #1 on Billboard's Album charts for a total of four weeks.

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