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July 02 - 08, 2023

Year of Release: 1997
  • "Wanted Dead Or Alive"--
    2Pac & Snoop Doggy Dogg
  • "Sho Shot"--
    The Lady Of Rage
  • "It's Over Now"--
    Danny Boy
  • "Don't Try To Play Me Homey"--
    Dat Nigga Daz
  • "Never Had A Friend Like Me"--
  • "Will I Rize"--
  • "Body And Soul"--
  • "Life Is A Traffic Jame"--
    Eight Mile Road
  • "Deliberation"--

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    This week, we go to the movies with one of the late 2Pac's movies - Gridlock'd - released in 1997. I've seen most of 2Pac's movies, and I'll have to say, he was a favorable actor. He played his roles in high fashion. His untimely death occured when he was shot and killed in 1996. Had he lived, I'm sure he would have made more movies, and maybe/possibly acted in more serious roles, to possibly achieve an Oscar nomination. Gridlock'd also starred Tim Roth. The soundtrack reached #1 on Billboard's Top 200 albums chart in 1997, for 1 week.

    Movie Plot: Set in Detroit, Gridlock'd centers around heroin addicts Spoon, Stretch and Cookie. They are in a band in the spoken word genre called Eight Mile Road, with Cookie on lead vocals, Spoon on bass guitar and Stretch on piano. Spoon and Stretch decide to kick their habit after Cookie overdoses on her first hit. Throughout a disastrous day, the two addicts dodge police and local criminals while struggling with an apathetic government bureaucracy that thwarts their entrance to a drug rehabilitation program.

    The soundtrack leads off with the duo of 2Pac & Snoop Doggy Dogg's "Wanted Dead Or Alive." The distinctive voice of Snoop Dogg makes this track even better. It's Snoop Dogg, the name says it all. Next, is "Sho Shot" by The Lady Of Rage. I've never heard of her, but this song has the sound of the common Rap - Next. "It's Over Now" by Danny Boy is a good, slow R&B track, as in Boyz II Men. It's soulful, and very good. "Don't Try To Play Me Homey" by Dat Nigga Daz - With a track title and it's Rap artist name, it is obviously the common Rap, and it has vulgar lyrics (as in most Rap tracks) - Next. "Never Had A Friend Like Me" by 2Pac - As much as 2Pac recorded great (Rap) music, there was his share of "suggestive" lyrics. It's a good track, and it's 2Pac. His name (like Snoop Dogg), says it all also.

    Nate Dogg's "Why" is pretty good. It's driving groove is cool. "Out The Moon (Boom Boom Boom)" is another Rappin' tune, by Snoop Doggy Dogg, featuring 2Pac, Tray Deee, Priest "Soopafly" Brooks. It's another common Rap tune, with suggestive lyrics. (This one isn't as bad as the other "nexts"; having Snoop Dogg as part of the entourage, his rappin' makes the tune.) Danny Boy returns, with "I Can't Get Enough," and it's got a good groove, and it's funky. Bgoti's "Tonight It's On" is SPOT ON... It's a great groovin' R&B track. Snoop Dogg (along with Charlie Wilson, Val Young, and James E. DeBarge) keeps the groove flowin' on "Off The Hook." J. Flex's "Lady Heroin" is another common Rap track, and it's pretty good.

    "Will I Rize" is a soulful R&B Rap tune, it does work; it has it's own groove, and not as annoying as some Rap (crap) songs heard. "Body And Soul" by O.F.T.B. is a hit-or-miss; there are better songs than this one from this soundtrack. It has a 2Pac feel, yet it probably would have sounded better if 2Pac did the singing. Eight Mile Road's "Life Is A Traffic Jam" has a good jazz feel (especially on the piano). It's quite an 180 of the common Rap tracks you would find on this movie soundtrack. Ending the album is a very good and peaceful sounding track, "Deliberation" by Annoymous. It's a great closure, soothing, beautiful, soulful.

    The soundtrack to the Gridlock'd has some desirable tunes to listen to. It does have it's share of Rap tracks, but honestly, they are not as annoying as some of the other Rap tracks/albums I have heard. In all fairness, these are good tunes, having Rap, R&B, and Soul. The star of the movie was of course, 2Pac, and the soundtrack includes him, and the great Snoop Doggy Dogg. It's a good soundtrack. For those who enjoy Rap, and for those who can actually listen to Rap, and not be annoyed by it, Gridlock'd has good Rap, R&B, Soul (and just a touch of Jazz) to enjoy.

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