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Polo G
"Hall Of Fame"

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January 16 - 22, 2022

Year of Release: 2021
  • Painting Pictures
  • Rapstar
  • No Return
  • Toxic
  • Epidemic
  • Gang Gang
  • Boom
  • Black Hearted
  • Broken Guitars
  • GNF (OkOkOk)
  • Go Part 1
  • Heart Of A Giant
  • Zooted Freestyle
  • Party Lyfe
  • Losses
  • So Real
  • Fame And Bitches
  • For The Love Of New York
  • Clueless
  • Bloody Canvas

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    Everywhere you look, today's Pop music is popularized by what is called "Rap Music." This week, one of the new rap artists gets the nod for review. And, Polo G's rap music, is what is ruling the music Pop and Albums charts. From Hall Of Fame "Rapstar" reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 in 2021, for two weeks. That same year, the album Hall Of Fame also reached #1 on Billboard's Hot 200 albums chart, for one week. Today's youngsters (most of them), have accepted this music of their own. Just as us old folks did, with Rock & Roll (and other genres) in our young youth. By learning of "today's popular music," it is obvious for us old folks, that "our music" we admire. But, we old folks cannot stomach the rap, and especially where vulgar language is involved. Today's Rap is blunt. And there is the vulgarness in this album. (Listen to "GNF (OkOkOk)" -- you've heard enough.)

    Although I have listened to other rap artists, and some are better than others. But I cannot say that Polo G is in the high caliber of "talented rap artists." 20 tracks are on Hall Of Fame, and as the few songs where the music has it's preference over the rap lyrics, some of the music would be appreciated more by itself. For those "appreciated music" tracks: The #1 hit "Rapstar" music is good, but the rap lyrics can pass. Same for On "Broken Hearted," the music sounds dreary, sad, and... NO LYRICS! The music on "Heart Of A Giant" is also good, and other than a few shouts, there are NO MAIN LYRICS!

    Then, (and there are many), are what is considered "the rap crap." Songs that are heavily hit by rappin lyrics. Heavily hit, heavily annoying. "Painting Pictures" starts it, and it's pretty ruff rap crap on "No Return." The short "Toxic" (being 57 seconds), short rap crap. "Gang Gang" and "Boom" cann agree on one thing -- Boom, it's rap crap.

    "Broken Hearted" sounds like one of those tracks where the tapes are rolling, and records what it encounters. Rap, talking, etc. Next.

    "GNF (OkOkOK)" is just plain bad, vulgar bad. Rap crap bad. (And we're halfway through this album...)

    Go Part 1 -- yep, more rap crap. "Heart Of A Giant" is next, and as mentioned on this track, the music is good, no main lyrics. "Zooted Freestyle" is quite annoying... rap.

    But there seems to be a little bit of hope, "Party Lyfe" has the typical rap sound, and this one is probably the "best sounding" rap song, if I were to choose. "Losses" is a "take it or leave it" rap track. I'll leave it. "So Real" keeps repeating it's verse, with a build up, that sounds like it's going to go into another direction, but is cut. Then it goes back to the main verse again. Repeat. Annoying. On "Fame And Bitches" - it's not really bad, yet it's not really good either. Take or Leave. "For The Love Of New York" is annoying rap. "Clueless" is take or leave.

    At this point, all hope is lost. One more track to go... "Bloody Canvas" ends the album, and yes, it's the rap crap.

    Sorry folks, Polo G's Hall Of Fame doesn't deserve it's name. It's Rap music. It's annoying rap music. It's rap music that you cannot recommend. For some rap artists, they do attempt to SING, as well as Rap, combining the two. There is no singing on Hall Of Fame whatsoever.

    There are far more rap artists better than this. After listening to this album, I just have to reach for the headache medicine bottle. Better yet, I would go back and listen to GOOD music. 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s (some of it.) The music of the 21st Century? It has its highs and lows, compared to previous decades. The 21st Century has Rap music dominating the music atmospheres.

    As for rap artists to recommend, 2Pac, Nas, DMX, would be a few that comes to my mind, right off the top of my head. A little more soulful, I would nominate Mary J. Blige. Yes, there are S O M E Rap to actually listen to. But not Polo G. "Rapstar" reached #1, and there are just as many #1 rap songs that are just as un-entertaining as "Rapstar." Surprisingly, the other "hits" were: "Epidemic," "GNF (OkOkOK)" (REALLY??) and "Gang Gang."

    As most Rap artists display in their lyrics, it's their personal issues and experiences. Trying to decipher Polo G's lyrics and messages on Hall Of Fame, it's the rap style that gets in the way. For more distinctive explanations in his lyrics throughout this album, here is a review.

    But for the die hard rap fans out there, I'm sure that Polo G has his fanbase. as well as other rap artists who are like him. It is what's popular in music today. is. Like today's Rap, today's Country gets the thumbs up, and for many, the thumbs down. Today's Rap and Country is not for everyone. But for those who rank them highly, all the power to you.

    Again, it's what is "today's popular music." Polo G. Hall Of Fame. Not for me. Next.

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