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January 21 - 27, 2018

Year of Release: 2000
  • The Curtain
  • Can You Hear Us
  • All I Ever Need
  • Halfway Home
  • Strange Premonition
  • Face The Day
  • Show Them
  • The Road
  • Hold On
  • Someday Soon
  • Be The One
  • Forgiveness

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    One of the many bands that WSVNRadio promoted in our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame... This band was from Volume 2. Haven, led by female vocalist Pamme Kirby, with John Vanselow (lead, rhythm guitars), and Michael Brody (bass, keyboards, guitar, mandolin and Taurus pedals). This band is one of many that we promoted, that really should be in the ranks of many popular bands. In Haven's case, the band Heart (from their 1980s decade), and likewise compared to the 1980s rock bands, and 1980s hard rock bands. Haven is a band that should be in everyone's music collection.

    Haven's self-titled album, from 2000, was the introduction of Haven, and from it their song, "Hold On" was selected for the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 2. An exceptional tune, likewise many others from this album. Pamme would also be selected as the WSvNRadio Volume 2 "Rep." This being the "representative" from this compilation (as each volume had their own representatives). In order to be a rep, a WSVNRadio ID jingle was recorded by artists who participated on each volume. Not all the artists from each volume did this, but for those who did, I selected what was considered the best jingle(s) from each volume, and assigned them as each volume's "rep."

    The album Haven has great tunes to listen to. With it's Rock/Hard style, likewise ballads to enjoy. Leading off the album, is "The Curtain," a song compared to the likes of the band Evanescence, with a gradual build in this song; an awesome sounding track to lead off the album. And the listener will be begging for more. As mentioned, the band Heart (from their 1980s decade) gets the comparison on the next track, "Can You Hear Us." The first ballad is "All I Ever Need". A great ballad, and another reason to enjoy Haven, as not only can they rock out their songs, they can easily set the mood for great ballads.

    "Halfway Home" is another ballad, and I can't help but hear another ballad tune, this one by Poison -- their famous "Every Rose Has Its Thorn." The next track, "Strange Premonition" is no stranger in comparing to the rocking style of the band Heart (again). And probably considered the most powerful ballad on this album, is "Face The Day."

    And again, rocking in their glory, and at their best, is "Show Them." And the title does represent that -- Showing us, how they can rock it out, and keep wanting for more. "The Road" is the band's next ballad, a more softer sounding ballad, and again, another great tune.

    "Hold On" is the next track, and as mentioned before, was the selected song for our Hall of Fame, Volume 2 compilation. "Someday Soon" is another soft sounding Rock tune, and "Be The One" likewise, another good Rock track. The album ends with a true rocker, "Forgiveness.'

    This album has all the perfect Rock ingridients: Powerful Rock, and Powerful Ballads. After hearing this, you often wonder, "How come this band isn't more popular?" Being compared to the band Heart is quite a compliment. Like many "undiscovered" bands, Haven should be recognized as a future contender to the many other bands that were famous, in their particular style of music.

    Haven has also participated in our WSVNRadio Blues compilation, with their song "Tell The Truth." It was originally from the album Warmth In The Wilderness," as it was a tribute album to musician/guitarist Jason Becker. A musician at the age of 16, he was in the band Cacophony (1987-1988). He would release a solo album in 1989, and later joined David Lee Roth's band, in 1991. His career was cut short due to ALS disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in 1996. Despite he could no longer speak, he still composed music using a computer, and released "best of" collection of his music, with three new songs (2008).

    For more information on the band Haven, check out their website. Also, read their bio. A very interesting read.

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