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"Head On"

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December 22 - 28, 2019

Year of Release: 1981
  • Head On
  • Silver Screen
  • Still Talking Bout Love
  • Someone Will Play The Blues
  • It Comes From You
  • Enough Is Enough
  • Master Of Disguise
  • Blackmail
  • Gone In A Flash

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    The rock band Toronto was from in 1979, and released four studio albums (1980-1983). A Greatest Hits album in 1984, another new studio album in 1984 (credited as Holly Woods & Toronto; Holly Woods was the lead singer). They disbanded in 1984, as a result of the band's record company, Solid Gold, went bankrupt. Holly Woods "returned" in 2007, with the release of Toronto's "lost masters" studio album, credited as Holly Woods. Toronto was a hard-driving Rock band, being compared to the band Heart. (Toronto originally recorded the song "What About Love," which would end up being passed to the band Heart, and became one of their biggest hits in the 1980s. Toronto's version was released later as a bonus track on their Greatest Hits compilation.

    Head On was the band's second studio album, relased in 1981. Each song is definitely Rock/Hard Rock. Compared to the band Heart, yes, yet TOronto's rock style is a bit harder than that of Heart, but the resemblance/comparison to Heart is definitely there. Another comparison is to Pat Benatar (especially on "Still Talking Bout Love."

    Many songs on Head On are straight, hard rocking songs. The title track, "Silver Screen" sounds harder than the band Heart, but as mentioned, the resemblance to them are there, where Heart has their own fine share of hard rocking songs. "Still Talking Bout Love" sounds a bit like Pat Benatar's "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" (there's that guitar hook in there, that resembles it). "Someone Will Play The Blues" does have a blues feel, yet it is still in its fine, hard rocking shaped form.

    "It Comes From You" starts out what could be a ballad, but it kicks into another hard rock styled song. "Enough Is Enough" was the hit single from the album, and it definitely sounds Heart'ish, with some impressive synth/keyboards. "Master Of Disguise" rocks it out, and is probably the most hardest rocking sounding song. "Blackmail" is mysterious, eerie, yet it still rocks. The album's closing song, "Gone In A Flash" is softer in sound, yet powerful.

    The Canadian Encyclopedia describes the band Toronto as A hard rock band with a glam-punk edge and a streetwise image, Toronto was known for its brash performances and the strenuous vocal vocal style of its lead singer, Holly Woods. They even compared them to Heart and Pat Benatar. Another review I found compared them also, to Scandal (Patty Smyth), Lita Ford. Their photographic image does have the look (especially for Holly Woods) the band that Lita Ford was famous in, along with Joan Jett -- The Runaways. Just as hard rocking as the Runaways and the other artists mentioned, Toronto rocks it harder. They were more popular in their native Canada, and their biggest hit was "Your Daddy Don't Know." Band member Nick Costello (bass player) left the band after Head On, and his website is mentioned on Toronto's Wikipedia page. Costello is now a Christian artist. As for Holly Woods, there is no mention of any future developments in her musical career. Another mention, is that Head On was produced by Terry Brown, who was best known for working with another Canadian band, Rush.

    Heart, Pat Benatar fans, and hard rock fans as well, will enjoy the band Toronto. A hard rock force, lead by a female singer, with an all-male band backing her. The 1980s saw many bands with female singer(s) leading the way. Toronto may not have been as popular in the U.S. then Canada. Yet their music should be heard, and to be enjoyed by all Rock fans alike.

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