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The Romantics
"In Heat"

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October 30 - 05, 2016

Year of Release: 1983
  • Rock You Up
  • Do Me Anyway You Wanna
  • Got Me Where You Want Me
  • One In A Million
  • Open Up Your Door
  • Talking In Your Sleep
  • Love Me To The Max
  • Diggin' On You
  • I'm Hip
  • Shake A Tail Feather

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    The Romantics is best known for their signature song, "What I Like About You." It would be from their 1980 debut, The Romantics. Their 1983 release, In Heat would be their fourth album. And from it, another breakthrough hit "Talking In Your Sleep," and another song that received airplay, "One In A Million."

    In Heat is basic, rock & roll album from The Romantics. 1980s Rock. "Rock You Up" start out the album, a great Rock song to lead the album. "Do Me Anyway You Wanna" does have a similar riff to the popular track, "One In A Million" in some spots. Another good Rock track is "Got Me Where You Want Me."

    No doubt, "One In A Million" is a great catchy hit. However, as I listen to this song, I can't help but hear another song - "When You Were Mine" by Prince. (Both songs are great tunes.)

    "Open Up Your Door" sounds a bit New Wav'ish, as the 1970s decade closed, defining a new sound in Rock Music - New Wave and Punk.

    "Talking In Your Sleep" -- truly one of the best hits from the early 1980s decade.

    More good and upbeat Rock, on "Love Me To The Max," and "Diggin' On You." Rockabilly is a slight comparison, to "I'm Hip." And the last track, "Shake A Tail Feather" is a another good, upbeat Rock track.

    In Heat is a good album by the Romantics. Yet, their debut I would say is quite better. Their second and third album did not achieve any big hits, and they did encounter band lineup changes. As of 2013, three of original four band members reunited. Wally Palmar (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, harmonica), Mike Skill (lead guitarist, vocalist), Rich Cole (bass, backing vocals). Jimmy Marinos was the original drummer/lead vocalist). Brad Elvis has been the drummer/percussionist, since 2004.

    In Heat would provide the band's last radio hits: "Talking In Your Sleep" and "One In A Million." 1985 saw the release Rhythm Romance, which provided the two singles "Test Of Time" and "Mystified." These two singles did not achieve popularity as their earlier hits from their debut and In Heat> In 2003, they releaesd their most current studio album, entitled 61/49. Earlier, an EP was released in 1993, Made In Detroit. And in 1996, they released a live album, The King Biscuit Flower Hour Presents: The Romantics Live In Concert.

    The Romantics' debut and In Heat are worth having, if you're looking for the original album recordings. Of course, there is a Greatest Hits/Best Of, like for any other artist. But "What I Like About You" and "Talking In Your Sleep" are the two most standout hits anyone can recall off the tops of their memories, when it comes to the band The Romantics. Their debut and In Heat has other good tracks to listen to, and to keep some of these in your memory banks. The Romantics are a very impressive and good band. They are still together, as they perform regularly.

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