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Bergers With Mayo
"In Real Time"

© Prescott

January 15 - 21, 2023

Year of Release: 1998
  • Saw The Lights Go Down
  • The Love That Got Away
  • I Never Forget A Face
  • Love Something Better
  • Nowhere Left To Run
  • Turnaround
  • With My Luck
  • A Fine Line
  • When It Comes Around

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    In 1998, Bergers With Mayo were formed by the Berger brothers (Ted Hemberger, Al Hemberger) and Bob Mayo. They would later form The Renovators, a truly great Rock/Country/Bkues band that WSVNRadio has promoted many times throughout their Hall of Fame Series. The Renvoators were part of The WSVNRadio Hall Of Fame, Volume 09 compilation. Likewise, they appear on three other WSVNRadio compilations: WSVNRadio Country, A WSVNRadio Christmas II and WSVNRadio Blues. A truly great and incredible band that WSVNRadio is very proud to have promoted.

    The Renovators' albums are no strangers to the WSVNRadio website and reviews - As the Renovators, their albums Rhythm And Blueprints and Bues Country both have been praised as excellent albums, as they should be. Bergers With Mayo would be the beginning of what would become the Renovators, and yes, even in the beginning as Bergers With Mayo were an excellent rock and roll band, leading up to even bigger and better pastures -- as The Renovators.

    "Saw The Lights Go Down" is a great rock & roll tune. It has great energy, and in great rocking form. "The Love That Got Away" is a bit softer, as it has a Southern Rock feel to it (as in .38 Special), yet still another great tune. "I Never Forget A Face" has a more Pop flavor, (Country even) and it's sweet and pleasant as ever, making it (yes) another great song.

    "Love Something Better" kicks it into another great rocker, Pop-driven calls on "Nowhere Left To Run," as it could have easily hit the Adult Contemporary formats, and can be compared to the music of Chicago. "Turnaround" is soulful, beautiful. "With My Luck" is another good track, having a California sound, as in the Eagles, or John Hiatt, and can easily fit the good sound of Country. And speaking of the Eagles, the solo Glenn Frey gets the comparison on the next track, "A Fine Line." Ending the album, "When It Comes Around" has a somewhat New Age Jazz feel, another great tune.

    A mixed bag of great musical styles, Bergers With Mayo's In Real Time is a truly great album. It's Real and will be worth your Time. They would always accomplish more great music in their future, and the future was the Renovators.

    Bob Mayo's work in music included touring and recording with such artists as Peter Frampton, Aerosmith, Foreigner, Robert Plant, Dan Fogelberg, Hall & Oates. But as the liner notes state on In Real Time: "But it's the Bergers With Mayo Band where Bob gets to cut loose." And these 9 songs easily blends great musical styles, as you will easily determine that Bergers With Mayo was an incredible and talented band.

    Sadly, Bob Mayo passed away while on a Switzerland tour with Peter Frampton in 2004, of a heart attack. He was 52 years old. He was part of many Frampton's albums, including Frampton Comes Alive! (9 albums total with Frampton). He also recorded albums with Foreigner (2), Joe Walsh, Joe Vitale, Robert Plant, Procol Harum, and Hall & Oates. An incredible music career he had. And, WSVNRadio is very proud to have him as part of our Hall of Fame Series. Thanks for the music, Bob. You will always be remembered.

    As for The Renovators, they are still togetgher, as Bob Bob Rasero is the original member remaining. He, along with newest members Jeff Davison and Robin Worthley have recorded albums together as "The Renovators." Their latest album is "Ain't Broke Yet." Former Renovator Al Hemberger is still involved with the group, as mixer (sound).

    Bergers With Mayo's In Real Time is a great journey of music you will enjoy. He has many great styles, which is what WSVNRadio enjoys. All kinds of music -- "Everything in Music." In Real TIme has that, Rock, Country, a little Blues, even a taste of Jazz. It's all there, and a great album to enjoy.

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