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Fletcher Harrington & Topeka
"Land Rush"

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December 03 - 09, 2017

Year of Release: 2004
  • Another Brilliant Day
  • Popskull
  • Sliding Scale
  • Cymbaline
  • El Cerrito
  • Fall
  • Winter 808
  • Writing On The Wall
  • Like The Road That Rolls On By
  • Ten Steps

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    Fletcher Harrington is from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, preferably Volume 2. In 2004, he formed the band Topeka, with Brit Collins on guitars and other instruments (keyboards/drums). Harrington also provided guitar work and keyboard arrangements. Tayna Livingstone is one of the band's singers, along with Harrington. She also performed acoustic guitar. All songs on the Land Rush album were written by Harrington, with the exception of "Cymbaline," which was a cover tune, originally by Pink Floyd. Topeka's Land Rush easily defines the Americana sound, with its easy, laid back approach. The songs are very well written, and greatly crafted.

    Livingtone's vocals starts out the album's track, "Another Brilliant Day." And it is a brilliant and good tune to start the album. The music on the next track, "Popskull" is musically gifted. Harrington's voice is distinctive, and brings out the style of Americana vocalization. "Sliding Scale" is incredibly good, and better with the great acoustic guitar.

    Pink Floyd's "Cymbaline" sounds more Americana, rather than Pink Floyd's distinctive sound and style. "Cymbaline" was originally from Pink Floyd's Gear Sessions, and the movie soundtrack of More. (Not a well-known Pink Floyd song; as it was from the early years, before their success with Dark Side Of The Moon and beyond. Crosby, Still Nash and/or Young gets a slight resemblence here, rather than that of Pink Floyd.

    "El Cerrito" and "Fall" defines the nice laid back style of Americana, more to that of the solo Neil Young. Yet, "Winter 808" is very (and incredibly) different than that of Americana, but, this song is definely a highlight, as it is a "psycedelic splash." This song easily gets your attention, being quite different than previous songs, and Americana in general. All in all, this song works incredibly well. The music stands out with its psych style and vocals too.

    Returning to the acoustic on "Writing On The Wall," and once again, it's everything musically gifted, and likewise on "Like The Road That Rolls On By." The album ends with "Ten Steps"; Americanish Neil Young, yet Harrington's voice is much better than Neil's here.

    Fletcher Harrington & Topeka's Land Rush is laid back Americana. Certainly not like Americana Mellencamp. More on the wavelengths of Crosby, Stills Nash and/or Young. Neil Young solo. Country-Rock Americana. Folk Rock. Some of the songs resembles a bit of John Lennon, especially on his "Working Class Hero." This is an album of pleasantness, uniqueness, musically gifted.

    For more info on Fletcher Harrington, visit here, at LopieRecords.com.

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