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Josh Turner
"Long Black Train"

© MCA Nashville

August 14 - 20, 2016

Year of Release: 2003
  • Long Black Train
  • In My Dreams
  • What It Ain't
  • I Had One One Time
  • Jacksonville
  • Backwoods Boy
  • Unburn All Our Bridges
  • You Don't Mess Around With Jim
  • She'll Go On You
  • Good Woman Bad
  • The Difference Between
    A Woman And A Man

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    In today's current Country of the past 15 years, and especially in recent years, Country music just isn't Country-sounding. Lately, it's been all Pop meets Country. Quite frankly, becoming a good Country artist, you would want to have a good Country-sounding singing voice. Josh Turner is one of the few artists I really enjoy -- Not only does he fit in today's Country (far better than others) -- Yet his singing voice is outstanding and superb in the Country format. His debut album from 2003 gets the nod this week, and it is also the debut of Turner as our Album Pick of the Week for WSVNRadio.

    His breakthrough song would be three years later in 2006, with "Your Man," which would be also the title of his second album. Another breakthrough was when American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery had a unique singing voice, just as Turner's. McCreery sang Turner's "Your Man" during his auditions. Scotty's voice made him a star, at such a young age (18).

    Long Black Train was Turner's debut album. This album is a classic. There were not any huge standout hits from the album. Although three songs were singles, yet they did not reach #1, as his future hit would. In 2003, was a new up-and-coming artist. And, the future would look very bright for him.

    The title track would be my choice for the best track, as it leads off the album, and being one of the three hit singles. It's a great song, with a great voice. There are many nice Country-sounding tracks here. They are: "In My Dreams." The nice and bouncy Country-sounding "What It Ain't" (which was one of the three singles from the album). The nice and ballad "I Had One One Time," and "Jacksonville."

    "Backwoods Boy" really makes you say (out loud), "Why can't today's Country sound like this?" This song is THAT good.

    The term "nice" returns with "Unburn All Our Bridges," and the ballad "She'll Go You" (the third hit single to mention from this album). Another good upbeat Country tune is "Good Woman Bad."

    Two tracks that were recorded by other artists, is the Jim Croce classic "You Don't Mess Around With Jim," as Turner does this remake very well. (Kind of wished he used his own name Josh, rather than Jim, being that the author of the song had the same name in the title of the song.) The other remake is Doug Stone's "The Difference Between A Woman And A Man," another nice well-done track.

    Josh Turner IS a great Country star. He can easily follow the Country stars that preceded him, and placing his name with other well-known Country stars. Such as Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, and more recent artists as Chris Young. Thanks to Scotty McCreery, we were re-introduced to Josh Turner, for those who had heard of him before. And, of course to those who were just discovering him.

    But if you haven't heard of Josh Turner, and just curious how Country should sound, then follow his career, right from the start. Long Black Train is a great album. It is Country, and the newer artists of today should study his music. Turner's voice is quite the standout. Most Country singers probably cannot sing as deep and rich as Turner can, but even on standard Country singing he does, they are all just pure Country-sounding music. Turner has released five albums as of this date. His last two albums both reached #1 on the Country albums chart. He currently has a total of four #1 Country hits. Two from Your Man and two from Haywire. His 2007 album Everything Is Fine neither hit #1 in both the Country album chart and Country songs, yet I'm sure it is just as superb as the other albums he has released. His recent 2012 album Punching Bag reached #1 on the Country albums chart.

    Josh Turner is today's outstanding Country artists. He is well worth the listen. Great music, with a great voice. Josh Turner IS Country. 'Nuff said.

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