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Isaac Hayes
"The Isaac Hayes Movement"

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June 16 - 22, 2019

Year of Release: 1989
  • I Stand Accused
  • One Big Unhappy Family
  • I Just Don't Know
    What To Do With Myself
  • Something

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    Everyone knows that immortal lines -- "Who's the black private dick, that's a sex machine to all the chicks?" Shaft! You're damn right!" Isaac Hayes' most memorable hit was the #1 hit from the movie, "Shaft." But what you may not have known, was that Hayes was a session musician, songwriter, producer, for Stax Records. He co-wrote the classic hit "Soul Man" with Dave Porter (of Sam & Dave fame). The Blues Brothers would also put a stamp on that great song. A humanitarian, actor, scientology, charity work, and a major musical influence were also his credits. He was the father of 14 children, 14 grandchildren, and 3 great-grandchildren. He as married 4 times. He was inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, in 2002. Sad to say, he passed away at age 65 from a stroke, just ten days short, of what would have been his 66th birthday, in 2008.

    Although his "Shaft" classic would be most remembered, what many may not have known, was about how he recorded his solo albums. Rich in soulfulness, and extended tracks, his albums were probably overlooked, due to the many extended 6-minutes or more tracks he recorded. When I was younger, "Shaft" would be the only song of his that was getting regular airplay, even on oldies stations. His solo albums contained music that would easily set the mood for romantic settings. And, where most people would have Barry White songs and albums played for this atmosphere, Isaac Hayes' albums would (or should have) been on lovers' turntables back then. Surely, decades later, his albums are probably on many romantic playlists -- as they should be. And if not, many would definitely want to research his music. Not just for romantic settings, but to recognize how Hayes was talented, in his songwriting, and recording style.

    The Isaac Hayes Movement was released in 1970. It was his third solo album, following the success of his previous album, Hot Buttered Soul. As with his second album, extended long tracks continued on the Movement album. The album's title was referred by Marvell Thomas, a keyboardist, record producer, and arranger. He was best known for his work in Memphis Soul. The Movement name was also based on Hayes' backup ensemble, and modeled by "The Jimi Hendrix Experience" -- being the word "Experience" for Hayes' "Movement." The Isaac Hayes Movement had only 4 songs, where each song was over 5 minutes in length.

    "I Stand Accused" is 11:37 in length. And another highlight of Hayes' albums, was how he would tell a story in spoken voice. "I Stand Accused" tells the story of how Hayes knows a woman he cares for, and although she is with another man (and eventually going to marry), Hayes still has feelings for her. The song was co-written by another soul legend, Jerry Butler (and Billy Butler). Hayes' spoken voice makes this tune, and when he starts singing, he opens up a great and soulful voice, another great talent that he had.

    The next two tracks, "One Big Unhappy Family" (just under 6 minutes in length), and "I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself" (an even 7-minute track), are definitely mood setters for that romantic evening. Hayes' soulful voice is rich, and definitely sets the atmosphere.

    The album's closing track, is The Beatles' "Something" (written by George Harrison). Haye's version is truly outstanding, with it's soulful sound, and it also has a Classical feel. This is another song well worth listening to. fired by Dalton). Of course, there is the love interest for Dalton -- Carrie Ann, played by Kathleen Wilhoite. The rivalry between Wesley and Dalton is epic throughout this movie, as Carrie Ann used to date Wesley, making Wesley more sinister towards Dalton, and knowing how well Daltron is, in handling the rough crowd at the bar, and wanting to hire him for his own mishaps.

    The Isaac Hayes Movement will definitely move you, with its great rich, soulful music. Isaac Hayes truly knew how to write soulful songs, and arrange other well-known songs into his own. His albums are worth looking into, as this album makes his debut, here on WSVNRadio. He had a total of 4 albums reach #1 on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart: Hot Buttered Soul (1969), The Isaac Hayes Movement (1970), To Be Continued (1970), and the Shaft soundtrack (1971).

    Another mention, was his song "Don't Let Go", as I remember this Disco hit from the late 1970s. The original album this song was from, which was the title track, is hard to find on CD, but you can find this song on his CD compilation, The Best Of The Polydor Years.

    More of his music will be reviewed, as he was truly talented. He left us too soon. He had recorded solo albums from 1968 to 1995. If you have yet to discover him, do not overlook him. He left behind a great legacy of great music to remember him by. Not just for "Shaft," but how he recorded his albums, containing great soulful songs, and extended lengths of great music. Isaac Hayes -- he sure was a "bad, mutha..." (Shut your mouth!) "But I'm talkin' about Isaac.."

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