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April 30 - 06, 2023

Year of Release: 2001
  • Hein Herz Brennt
  • Links 2 3 4
  • Sonne
  • Ich Will
  • Feuer Frei
  • Mutter
  • Spielhur
  • Zwitter
  • Rein Raus
  • Adios
  • Nebel

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    One thing about Germany... they sure have unique bands. Laibach is one one those we have reviewed. (They currently have two albums reviewed here.) Another one is this week's review, the band Rammstein. Both Laibach and Rammstein are very similar - Hard Rock, and distinct vocalization. Rammstein debuts this week, with their 2001 release, Mutter. Their lyrics are German, and even if you cannot translate to English, you have to admit, their music is quite... UNIQUE. Mutter is pronounced "Mute," where in English, it means "Mother."

    Leading off the album, is "Hein Herz Brenit," ("My Heart Burns.") It is a very good rock song to start. "Links 2 3 4" ("Left 2 3 4") is even better. The next track, "Sonne" ("Sun") is a very distinct comparison to that other German band, Laibach. (If you're a fan of Laibach as I am, it is another good track.) Mixing both techno and hard rock has "Ich Will" ("I Want") -- and, like Laibach, they have also been known to mix Techno and Rock as well. And, it's very experimental and powerful. The techno intro to "Feuer Frei" ("Open Fire") has another comparison to another German band, Kraftwerk. But, it overpowers into another Hard Rock track, as heard on previous tracks on this album, and Laibach.

    THe title track "Mutter" ("Mother") is probably considered the "mellow sounding" song; even the vocals are not as rough as the others. It still has a heavy sound, and, just as any song heard up to this point, impressive. "Spieluhr" ("Music Box") leads with German spoken word. Then it grinds into another impressive hard rock, and the music is compared to that of Rob Zombie. And the vocals throughout are both spoken and sung, in German. "Zwitter" ("Hermaphrodite") is another bone-crushing hard rocker. "Rein Raus" ("In Out") is another Laibach comparison, in its hard rocking ways and vocals. "Adios" starts out sounding a bit like the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but, as expected, it's RAMMSTEIN, with its unique hard rock sound, and vocals. (As expected.) Ending the album is "Nebel" ("Fog.") It's a quite cool sounding song, as it has a great vibe in ending the album.

    Rammstein's Mutter achieved 6 singles, the most from any Rammstein album at the time: "Sonne," "Links 2 3 4," "Ich Will," "Mutter," "Feuer Freil," and "Mein Herz Brennt." (That's about half of the songs from the entire album.) Mutter was the band's third album.

    Rammstein may not have as many albums as Laibach does, but both bands are popular, especially in Germany. And, from researching both bands, their concert appearances are also very popular. However, it's possible that both bands may or may not be for everyone's musical tastes. But one thing is certain, both bands rock in their own unqiue ways. For those who enjoy Rammstein, there really isn't a bad song on Mutter. It's a great album for its uniqueness. Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore Rock. It's all there. And a little techno sprinkle. Mutter will take you on a unique musical experience.

    All of the original members have been intact since their beginnings in 1995. Currently, they have a total of 8 studio albums, of which their recent was released in 2022. They have also released 3 live albums. And, like many, they have also released compilations and box sets.

    Mutter is a great album, and Rammstein's first appearance here at WSVNRadio. (It was long overdue.) Like Laibach, more Rammstein albums will be reviewed at a later date. And, likewise, Kraftwerk, who has yet to appear here, as of yet. Germany does have their own popular bands. Another German band is KMFDM. Their musical style is more on the Techno style, of which Rammstein, Laibach, and Kraftwerk have used in their music. These four bands mentioned are most likely the most popular, when it comes to naming bands from the German border.

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