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Seth MacFarlane
"No One Ever Tells You"

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April 30 - 06, 2017

Year of Release: 2015
  • No One Ever Tells You
  • Guess I'll Hang My Tears
    Out To Dry
  • A Ship Without A Sail
  • The One I Love Belongs To
    Someone Else
  • It's All Right With Me
  • This Nearly Was Mine
  • Make This A Slow Goodbye
  • Don't Call It Love
  • I'll Only Miss Her When I
    Think Of Her
  • These Foolish Things
    (Remind Me Of You)
  • Before I Gaze At You Again
  • Only The Lonely
  • I Guess I'll Have To Change My Plan
  • I Wish I Didn't Love You So
  • Goodbye Little Dream Goodbye
  • Spring Will Be A Little
    Late This Year
  • Loss Of Love

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    Seth MacFarlane is better known as an actor, a participant in comedy shows. TV shows such as Family Guy and American Dad. I've always thought he is Peter Brady's brother (Christopher Knight) -- separated at birth. But what we all didn't know, is that he is a singer, and has recorded two big-band/easy listening albums. His first was released in 2011 - Music Is Better Than Words. His second, released in 2014, was a Christmas album, entitled Holiday For Swing. His third and most recent album in 2015, No One Ever Tells You reached #1 on the Billboard Jazz Albums chart in 2016. His style is definitely compared to other recent greats, as Harry Connick Jr. and Michael Buble.

    17 tracks are on this release, and they're all worth listening to. The album leads off with the title track, as its gets the compares of the two recent greats mentioned, and even ol' blue eyes, Frank Sinatra. Throughout the entire album, McFarlane's smooth soft slow crooning style fits the likes of Sinatra and Connick Jr. All of the songs are in this style, as each one is truthfully entertaining, and makes Seth McFarlane just as great as the past and present crooners who have recorded before him. He is THAT GOOD...

    Every song is great, and will be enjoyed by the crooning fans of Big Band and Easy Listening music. It was a surprise to learn that MacFarlane is a singer, and most notingly, Jazz. The same went for TV House's Hugh Laurie. Both of them are exceptional in the Jazz music genre. Laurie's first album was a huge hit, as well as his second. Both of Laurie's albums reached #1 on Billboard's Jazz Albums chart. MacFarlane's No One Ever Tells You was his first Jazz #1. I'm curious to hear his other two albums, released previously. Seth MacFarlane gets recognized, not only as a talented actor, but gets the nod in Jazz music.

    On that note, MacFarlane described this album as being in the style of Frank Sinatra's album In The Wee Small Hours. So true... The entire album is more of the style of Sinatra, and even Connick Jr. Exceptionally well! Of the 17 songs, there were those written by well-known composers, such as Sammy Cahn, Hart & Rodgers, Cole Porter, Henry Mancini, and more. No One Ever Tells You makes everyone want to listen to more of this kind of music. It's relaxing, refreshing, and proves that older music such as this, is far better than what we are hearing now, in the 21st Century, as it is called "Pop Music."

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