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Duran Duran

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November 21 - 27, 2021

Year of Release: 1986
  • Notorious
  • American Science
  • Skin Trade
  • A Matter Of Feeling
  • Hold Me
  • Vertigo (Do The Demoliton)
  • So Misled
  • Meet El Presidente
  • Winter Marches On
  • Proposition

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    Duran Duran is back this week, with their 1986 release, Notorious. It was the followup album to their 1983 release, Seven And The Ragged Tiger. Back in the day, I was never a fan of this group, however, they kind of grew on me, after their peak years of their first three albums had passed. I am still not a fond fan, yet there are some songs by Duran Duran I've been appreciative of. But, the Seven album just makes me cringe. (Oh, just wait until THAT album gets reviewed here...)

    The title track leads off the album, and is quite good. "American Science" pretty much continues, where "Notorious" left off. Another good tune, yet the title track is better. "Skin Trade" has a different approach; it's soulful, and it's vocals has a sound compared to the late great Prince's style. Another good track. "A Matter If Feeling" is another head-turner, and different than past hits of this band. It's a perfect Pop-sounding tune.

    "Hold Me" returns back to the common upbeat sound of Duran Duran. Likewise, "Vertigo (Do The Demoltion)" just grooves along the line. "So Mislead" has the "club sound" - dance grooves; another common sounding sound from the band's past. And they keep rockin' it, in their usual style, on "Meet El Presidente." "Winter Marches On" is much moody; maybe not as high ranked as previous tracks from this album. "Proposition" is a bit theatrical, and harder-edged as other DD songs, as it ends the album. A good album, having a good sound, with some common-sounding Duran Duran songs, as heard from previous albums.

    It seems Duran Duran gets better, meaning from their first three albums, as in their debut album. And especially from 1983, with Seven And The Ragged Tiger album. Many of those songs from that particular album were way overplayed, and just gets on your nerves. I wasn't thrilled with singer Simon LeBon's voice either. Notorious was the follow-up to Seven And The Ragged Tiger. From Notorious on, their music wasn't played regularly as it was in the past, with their first three albums. Big Thing (1988) has good moments. and is better than Liberty (1990). Duran Duran (1993) was hit or miss. Thank You (1995) was an album of cover tunes [This album not reviewed yet.]

    After 1995, I pretty much lost touch with Duran Duran, however, they did release more studio albums, from 1995 on. Their most recent album was releaed this year (2021) - Future Past.

    Notorious has its moments, and they are mostly good. Seven And The Ragged Tiger and Rio have yet to be reviewed here. As much as I can predict a not-so-good reviews for these, as in their debut, my opinions of LeBon's voice and Duran Duran's sound from the first three albums are not in category of favorite. Their later albums are listenable, so songs better than others. The same can be said for Notorious.

    Duran Duran is one of those bands, either you love them or hate them, or in-between. In the beginning I pretty hated them. And to this day, when I do hear certain songs by them, I still cringe. You can read my my reviews of their albums in the links above. Notorious has good moments, mostly good all the way, throughout the album.

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