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Echo & The Bunnymen
"Ocean Rain"

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December 30 - 05, 2019

Year of Release: 1984
  • Silver
  • Nocturnal Me
  • Crystal Days
  • The Yo Yo Man
  • Thorn Of Crowns
  • The Killing Moon
  • Seven Seas
  • My Kingdom
  • Ocean Rain

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    Echo & The Bunnymen's "The Killing Moon" is probably their best remembered song. It is from this week's review, Ocean Rain, released in 1984. The 1980s, a decade of Pop Rock, as this band fitted this decade with their music. Their best comparison would be to U2. When you first hear "The Killing Moon," you would think the song was recorded by U2. Ocean Rain has its compare to U2, especially to their early years.

    Easily fitting the 1980s bands is the opener, "Silver." Yet the sound tends more to this band being more of an Independent band, and to U2. "Noctural Me" has a darkish style. "Crystal Days," "The Yo Yo Man" does have the early years comparison to U2. "Thorn Of Crowns" is definitely a song that could have been U2. "My Kingdom" is sounding as an Independent band (trying to make a name for themselves), and U2. Ending the album is the title track, and it is considered the "strangest" song, with its particular musical style. It just gives a strange feeling to listen to.

    Echo & The Bunnymen's Ocean Rain is a fairly sounding album, yet "The Killing Moon" is the best track. Not only the best track, the rest of the album doesn't really measure up to the big hit from the album. The early-U2 also took time to get adjusted to, and U2 just got better over time. Their music is basically unknown to many. Yet "The Killing Moon" is the one song that many would remember them by. Ocean Rain just may take more listens to adjust. Just as it did for U2's early releases. But for those who do enjoy the band U2, Echo & The Bunnymen will be enjoyable. 13 studio albums, 10 live. We just never heard their music being played on the radio. Given more exposure, Echo & The Bunnymen could have been another memorable band from the 1980s. I'm sure there are many fans of this band out there, and could recommend other hits and albums. They do have an extensive list of singles released from their studio albums and other sources. Maybe in this case, a Best Of/Greatest Hits compilation would be a good start to discover them. But their original albums (like any other artists) would have other songs not making the compilations. In this case, Ocean Rain has "The Kiling Moon." This song alone makes the album.

    Another album will be reviewed by Echo & The Bunnymen. Will it have better songs than Ocean Rain ? We will find out at a later date.

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