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Nick Granato
"Outside The Lines"

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February 26 - 04, 2017

Year of Release: 2007
  • In This Human Race
  • Color Outside The Lines
  • My Ordinary Life
  • Down The Road Of
  • What Is Love
  • No More Stones
  • Everybody Has A Heart
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Rhythm Of Life
  • Waiting On The Sun
  • Purple Conspiracy
  • Crisis
  • Who I Am

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    Nick Granato is from our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 20. From his third album, Outside The Lines, "In This Human Race" was selected for Volume 20. He is a folk singer and songwriter, and has an impressive resume. Having his own Wikipedia page, he has accomplished many awards. They include awards for his Outside The Lines album, released in 2007. Among his credits, he has written nearly 400 recorded songs, and has worked with artists such as Pamala Stanley, Heirline, Juice Newton, and Buffalo Rome. His music has been utilized by many organizations, and he has served as a music publisher.

    His first independent album, Sun Dance received very positive reviews, award nominations, and was played on Folk radio stations. His second indepedent album, Plastic Pink Flamingos achieved a positive outcome. Outside The Lines included Nashville studio musicians, such as Gene Rabbai, Steve Cummings, Donny Skaggs, Phil Lister and Doug Kahan. The album produced six number 1 songs and once again, earned him award nominations. His winning accomplishments were Artist of the Year, and CD of the Year. In 2007 and 2008, he went on tour, which included the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Hawaii.

    Outside The Lines gets this week's Album Pick of the Week, and with all of Nick's background credentials, it's no doubt, that this album will be get a very high rating. "In This Human Race" is the leadoff track, and it's the Hall of Fame status that makes it work. The next two tracks were number one on independent charts, "Color Outside The Lines" and "My Ordinary Life." Two particular artists come to mind, throughout this entire album: Bon Jovi and John Mellencamp. As these two number one songs are heard, there's a Bon Jovi "Wanted Dead Or Alive" feel to them. On the next track, I'm thinking that "Down The Road Of Compromise" has more of a Country style, or maybe Americana.

    And with Americana in mind, Mellencamp gets the comparison on "What Is Love" and "No More Stones" Things get a bit mellow (in a good way) with "Everybody Has A Heart", as it features Lynsae Harkins. Back to Granato Rock on two more tracks - "Chain Link Fences" and "Rhythm Of Life."

    One of my traits in music, is listening to a song, as it has a resemblance to other song(s). This is the case of "Waiting On The Sun" -- this is a great tune, and I can't help hearing some various verses of John Sebastian and The Lovin' Spoonful's "Darlin' Be Home Soon" during Granato's song. Not only is the Lovin' Spoonful tune a great song in general, yet it does get this comparison to Granato's "Waiting On The Sun" and should get the same reception. Then there's the Americana of both Mellencamp and even Bon Jovi on "Purple Conspiracy." More on Mellencamp on "Crisis," and the album ends with a very powerful and moving ballad, "Who I Am."

    Nick Granto's talent is very impressive here, as his songwriting and songs on Outside The Lines very well deserved radio airplay. Maybe his name is not easily recognized as a Mellencamp or a Bon Jovi, but on the Independent scene, he as accomplished the same credentials as the two famous names mentioned. He has a unique musical and single style all for his own.

    A new album, In Real Life was released in October 2009. However, in late December 2009, he collapsed on stage during a performance in Miami. He was diagnosed with a painful neuro-muscular disorder. He would be unable to play his guitar or perform. He was forced to cancel his In Real Life tour, and prepare his rehabilition. Although he has been unable to achieve a complete diagnosis, he has not been able to resume performing. Yet he still writes songs and for other song catalogs. He started a production company in 2013, called the Cosmic Slug Creative Universe.

    More information can be found on Nick Granato's website, at NickGranato.com. WSVNRadio is once again, proud to promote his music, and proud to have Nick Granato as one of our many talented artists from our Hall of Fame.

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