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Bob Dylan
"Planet Waves"

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August 28 - 03, 2016

Year of Release: 1974
  • On A Night Like This
  • Going Going Gone
  • Tough Mama
  • Hazel
  • Something There Is About You
  • Forever Young
  • Forever Young (Continued)
  • Dirge
  • You Angel You
  • Never Say Goodbye
  • Wedding Song

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    Bob Dylan's followup to his classic Blood On The Tracks was Planet Waves, released in 1974. The Band helped out with Dylan on this album, and as you listen, the combination of Dylan & The Band developed some of the best music Dylan recorded. Yet, many may not even refer to songs as "popular" from Planet Waves. This album is very good, not really a bad song here.

    Dylan has a lot of "upbeat" numbers here with The Band, as in the album's opener, "On A Night Like This." It's a pretty good track, and Dylan himself does a good job. "Tough Mama" is another upbeat track, sounding like a song by The Band themselves. As for The Band again, "Something There Is About You" is another Band'ish track, likewise on "You Angel You."

    One thing to mention, is how Dylan is so impressive on slower-based tunes. This can even be compared to the 1970s Country "Outlaws." Take the track "Going Going Gone" -- It could have easily been a classic, played on Country radio stations, with the likes of other "outlaws," such as Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, etc. A classic yes, if it was only given its chance. Another impressive slower sounding Dylan, is "Hazel." Dylan does good as only he can do, on this slowful, yet enjoyable tune.

    Two versions of "Forever Young" -- the first is another great Dylan track, in it's laid-back form. It's another track that could have easily have been a classic for Dylan. The second one is more upbeat, yet the first one is the better of the two. "Dirge" is good, yet there are other songs that are better. "Dirge" could be described as a "filler" song, but good enough for the entire album. The Band & Dylan do very well on another "laid-back" tune -- "Never Say Goodbye." And the last track, "Wedding Song" gets another "outlaw" tag, as it follows the classic from Blood On The Tracks, "Tangled Up In Blue." "Tangled" is defintely the better of the two. The only part missing in "Wedding" was the harmonica, as it was clearly heard on "Tangled."

    Dylan's Planet Waves is one of those overlooked albums. There are some great tunes here, but they never got the recognition. It's a relaxing album, and The Band accompaning Dylan was surely the icing on the cake. Planet Waves did hit #1 in 1974, for four weeks. It is a discovered classic. It's great to listen to, and, all in all, it is Bob Dylan. One of the best songwriters in Rock. Althouh his voice maybe annoying to some, his voice isn't really that bad on this one.

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