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Seismic Anamoly

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December 18 - 24, 2022

Year of Release: 2002
  • Broken Dreams
  • Julie's Theme
  • Cum With Me
  • Ten Million Tears
  • Always On My Mind
  • High Grade Heartbreak
  • Kick In The Nuts
  • You Don't Know How
  • My Love For You

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    From The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 2...

    The project Seismic Anamoly was started in 2002 by Michael S., who lives in Meridian, MS, USA. Seismic Anamoly has been composing and playing music only since 2000, and his work is done primarily utilizing his Peavey EVH Wolfgang, Millennium J Series Bass, and Indianola ER Acoustic. Seismic's arsenal includes tunes that could be classified as Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Guitar and Instrumental Rock and Acoustic, but it is all home-grown Rock n Roll. Relatively new to the scene, Seismic Anamoly has seen his music grow slowly but steadily in popularity.....

    Seismic Anamoly (aka Mike Shelton) is from Mississippi, and back when our Hall of Fame was starting, Michael submitted his Ramifications CD, which he produced himself. From it, his song "Broken Dreams" was chosen for the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 2 CD. "Broken Dreams" delivers hard-driven guitar rock. Instrumental Rock. As he mentions in his "WSVNRadio Jingle" ... "This is Seismic Anamoly... And you're listening to WSVNRadio, the station with Everything in Music. Now... LET'S ROCK!

    And "Broken Dreams" kicks off the album, with its powerhouse Rock sound. "Julie's Tune" is another guitar-driven rock tune, as it just simply glides into another energetic track with powerful guitar (and drums). "Cum With Me" is simply SMOOOTHHH.. It's not as hard rocking as the first two tracks, yet it's another very good musical tune, as you are now giving your ears a rest from the first two songs. (Really... However, it does kick into gear later in the song.) Like "Cum With Me," "Ten Million Tears" starts out smooth, and it's way cool. It has a great mysterious vibe. And, it does have its kicks towards the end, yet, it's still as smooth and cool throughout. Then there's some fancy guitar picking on the next track, "Always On My Mind." This one should impress many guitarists; Seismic shows how he is a professional guitar player. Again, it's SMOOOTHHH... It's well-balanced throughout the song.

    "High Grade Heartbreak" showcases both guitar and keyboards. It begins very melodic, you're waiting for everything to kick in, as in previous tracks. And yes, it slowly builds into another great instrumental Rock track, drums and all. It even has some background vocalization, or is it all guitar'd effects? It does kick into high gear, as expected. "Kick In The Nuts" returns to the hard rock instrumental, as heard similar to the first two tracks, "Broken Dreams" and "Julie's Tune." (With that song's track title, it has to be another good hard rocking instrumental!) "You Don't Know How" sounds more of a Rock-styled track, more on the Rock side, than the "heavy metal" heard previously throughout this album. It's energetic, and could be a theme song for someone's opening or closing show. Ending the album is another impressive tune, "My Love For You." It's another powerful, loud, energetic hard rock track.

    As he said, "LET'S ROCK..." Ramifcations is just that. It's an instrumental album of hard rock tracks. The most hard rocking are "Broken Dreams," "Julie's Tune," "Kick In The Nuts," and "My Love For You." The other remaining tracks are just as good, and Rockin. It displays his music ability as a very impressive hard rock guitarist, along with the other instruments, they all blend well. According to his Magnatune.com page, he has a total of five albums. Mostly from 2003 are 4 out of the 5. His "latest" album was from 2016. A very impressive artist, and should raise interest from other guitar players, especially those guitarists who favor the hard rock instrumental sound.

    Thank you, Seismic Anamoly... We're proud to have you as part of our WSVNRadio Hall of Fame family... If you enjoy Loud, Hard Rock music, Ramifications is a very good (and impressive) choice. And if you're listening to it on headphones (as I did), your ears will definitely feel it. Again, "LET'S ROCK..."

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