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3 Doors Down
"Seventeen Days"

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December 04 - 10, 2016

Year of Release: 2005
  • Right Where I Belong
  • It's Not Me
  • Let Me Go
  • Be Somebody
  • Landing In London
  • The Real Life
  • Behind Those Eyes
  • Never Will I Break
  • Father's Son
  • Live For Today
  • My World
  • Here By Me

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    3 Doors Down is what today's Rock/Alternative Rock should really sound like. Their 2005 release, Seventeen Days is a great rocking album to enjoy. With today's music not as exciting as it used to be, a band named 3 Doors Down comes along, and just jumps in the fire, and leaves everyone else burned. Seventeen Days has really no bad songs here. Every song is worth listening to.

    How the band was named: The band originally consisted of three musicians -- Brad Arnold (vocals/drums), Todd Harrell (bass) and Matt Roberts (guitar). When they were walking through the town, they saw a building where some letters had fallen off its sign. It read "Doors Down". Since the band were of three, they added the "3" -- "3 Doors Down." Currently, there are five band members.

    Seventeen Days wsa their first #1 album, in February, 2005. As this album starts, this is the kind of music that would be more appreciative in today's Rock and Alternative Rock genres. This album should be in anyone's collection, for the fans of Rock music.

    "Right Where I Belong" grabs your attention, and its a breath of fresh air, from the common music we have heard previously, which, obvious, is not exactly well-liked for the common Rock music fans. Then there's a whole bunch of great tunes from this album, that easily first Alternative Rock -- GOOD-to-GREAT Rock/Alternative Rock.

    These great tunes get the nods for "It's Not Me," "Be Somebody," "The Real Life," "Father's Son," "My World," and the rocking "Never Will I Break." Five hit singles were from this album: "Let Me Go," "Behind Those Eyes," "Live For Today," "Here By Me," and "Landing In London" with guest singer Bob Seger.

    The album title of Seventeen Days had people believe the album was written by the band in seventeen days. This was not true. The name was created because the band only had 17 days off from the end of their Away from the Sun tour (the name was from the band's previous album title, from 2002), then heading back in the studio to work on their next album.

    Seventeen Days is a must-hear. Not one bad track from it. It's what Rock music should sound like. 3 Doors Down has released six albums in their career. Their most recent was in 2016, Us And The Night. Vocalist/Drummer Brad Arnold has been the only original member since the band's formation, in 1997. Bassist Todd Harrell left in 2013, as being fired for vehicular homicide. Guitarist Matt Roberts left in 2012 due to health issues. Roberts passed away in 2016. From 2000 to 2005, the band had two drummers, with Brad Arnold taking over as sole lead vocalist. The band currently consists of Arnold, vocals and drums (up til 2000), Chris Henderson, rhythm guitar (1998–present), Greg Upchurch, drums (2005–present), Chet Roberts, lead guitar and backing vocals (2012–present), and Justin Biltonen — bass (2013–present).

    If you haven't discovered the music of 3 Doors Down, do so. It will be worth listening what Rock should be, in the 21st Century.

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