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Michael Hilder
"The Storm Part One:
The Search For The Grail<"

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June 14 - 20, 2020

Year of Release: 2007
  • The Eye Of The Storm
  • Modern World
  • Warlock
  • The Wind Of Change
  • Better Without You
  • The Witch
  • Pages From The Lost World
  • The Wicked One
  • Left In The Dark
  • Gumfunkle
  • The Dark Lord
  • The Search For The Grail

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    Released in 2007, Michael Hilder's The Storm was a trilogy. Part One is entitled The Search For The Grail. Hilder was part of The WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 20. "Left In The Dark" Part One defines Heavy Metal, and/or even Classic Rock Metal. The Storm Trilogy sounds more of a Rock Opera for Hilder, as it tells a Medieval Times story of the Warlock.

    "The Eye Of The Storm" is spoken word -- The Warlock. For fans of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, the album spirals into hard-hitting Heavy Metal Rock: "Modern World" definitely has the "Rock Opera" feel, with it's powerful round sound. More Heavy Metal with "Warlock," and the reference to "The Eye Of The Storm" in the next track, "The Wind Of Change."

    The beginning of "Better Without You" -- Female voice: "I will not follow him... " Male voice: "But Carrie... Your father's freedom depends on it..." Female voice: "Never!" (Was this from a movie?) "Better Without You" is another powerful hard rock track. Just as powerful as "The Witch" definitely defines hard-driving Metal. "Pages From The Lost World" has a somewhat Pop Metal sound, yet it another song that works well with the other tracks on the album. (Somehow, Blondie's "Maria" comes to mind as I listen to this tune...) It also has spoken words, as from "Better Without You."

    Just like many albums having many hard rock themed tracks, there's time to wind down just a bit. The acoustic "The Wicked One" does that, and it sounds spectacular. Again, it has that sound that defines part of a Rock Opera album. "Left In The Dark" is another softer sounding track. Most of the track vocals are from Hilder (9). The vocals on "Left In The Dark" is from Chrissy Phillips. This song is a great rock ballad. (I can compare this track to Meat Loaf; I can picture her and Meat singing together on this one.) And the spoken words story continue at the beginning and end of this track. From Michael's StuartMediaServices website:

    The Epic production that is The Storm Trilogy is Michael's crowning achievement in his musical career. Such is the magnitude of the project that is has it's own website, stocked full of music samples, storyline, character information, maps, effects and more...

    It's truly a Lord of the Rings meets War of the Worlds. The ultimate concept album, written in the Spring of 1991 and taking 16 long years just to reach the studio. Still incomplete, the final installment id sue to be finished by Christmas 2012.

    The highlight of the Trilogy to date is the unforgettable "Left In The Dark". Led by the angelic vocals of Chissy Phillips and the absolute precision of Steve Harrison in the producers chair, the ultimate anthem. The song has featured on the Jigga Jones show in Los Angeles, spent six months on heavy rotation on American Idol Underground and is featured on Chicago radio station WSVN compilation album.

    Testament to the strength and popularity of the song, it features on Michael's last two albums "Ten Year Hangover" and "The Way." The song is that good that everyone should be afforded every opportunity to hear it for themselves.

    "Gumfunkle" and "The Dark Lord" returns back to the hard rock, and keeps the music flowing as a powerful Rock album. The Warlock story continues on "Just A Boy," as it keeps the hard rock continuing. (This track has the feel of Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For A Hero.") Ending the album is the title of Part One - "The Search For The Grail." The Warlock story continues here again, and another hard-driving Rock track ends this fantastic album.

    The Storm Part One: The Search For The Grail" is a great hard rock metal album, by Michael Hilder. The music is powerful, energizing. Hilder's voice is also spectacular. The two "softer-sounding" tracks blends well - "The Wicked One," "Left In The Dark." Hilder's hard rock tracks are the standouts. The Storm Trilogy continued with Part Two: Revoolution (2011) and StoneWitch (2012). His other albums released were Ten Year Hangover (2011), The Way (2012). Another album, Monster was scheduled for release in late 2012.

    Unfortunately, Michael's website, www.michaelhildermusic.com is offline. However, he is found on a Stuart Media Services site: Click here. The combination of colors for the background and text are hard to read, but I was able to read it:

    With over 1,000 live performances spanning nearly two decades, Michael Hilder is a veteran of the live music scene in Melbourne. Working as a solo acoustic artist, Michael performs a wide variety of music to suit any function or venue. Always comfortable on stage, Michael is the ideal choice as a relaxed background performer or as the main entertainment, and is certain to keep the dance floor moving all night long. Michael Hilder is the ideal entertainer for a great night of fun and music. Thank you to Blair Stuart for this space on his wonderful website.


    With an unashamed love of hard rock music and medieval fantasy themes, Michael Hilder has brought in life his Rock Trilogy "The Storm", alive in all it's glory and available now.

    The first installment of The Storm was released in December 2007 and has since received rave reviews, public airplay and sales all over U.S.A., Europe, U.K. and in Australia. Now the second installment is here and promises to be even more brutal in it's depiction of life in the realm of the Palandical Forest.

    The Storm is an epic tale, told on two levels. The hard edge music of The Storm is undeniably inspired by rock pioneers such as Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Iron Maiden, combined with Michael's love of the melodic genius of Jim Steinman, Boston, Journey and Queen to name a few.

    Aside from the songs there is character dialogue and special effects throughout the entire trilogy which makes it easy to follow the story from start to finish. From the marching of the armies to the ultimate battle scene. The Storm will keep you enthralled from the opening-Thunder Clap on Part One right through to the last gasp on Part Three.

    Visit our links to find out more about this popular rock production and about the creator himself.

    A rock opera, set to Medieval Times. This is a classic album. The rock pioneers mentioned definitely define Hilder's music on this album. From listening, the later years of Black Sabbath (post-Ozzy), Deep Purple. The mention of Jim Steinman is another one, as he had worked with Meat Loaf, and another so-called "Rock Opera" album, Bat Out Of Hell (the first one).

    Heavy metal fans will enjoy Michael Hilder's The Storm Part One: THe Search For The Grail. I am curious in hearing the remaining Triogy, if found. With his website offline, the hunt is on to find him, and remind him of his participation on our Hall of Fame. Hilder's music is worth looking into. Another great artist, promoted by WSVNRadio. You will thank us for discovering him.

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