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March 29 - 04, 2020

Year of Release: 2005
  • Play It Off
  • My Place
  • Over And Over
  • Flap Your Wings
  • Pretty Toes
  • She Don't KNow My Name
  • Nobody Knows
  • Heart Of A Champion
  • Na-Nana-Na
  • Getcha Getcha
  • River Don't Runnn
  • Playa
  • N Dey Say
  • Fly Away
  • Grillz
  • Tired
  • Nasty Girl

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    Nelly returns this week, with his compilation album, Sweatsuit, released in 2005. This album consists of tracks from his 2004 releases, Sweat and Suit. Four additional tracks were "Fly Away" from the soundtrack of the 2005 film The Longest Yard, "Grillz" (which hit #1), featuring rappers Paul Wall and Ali & Gipp, the Notorious B.I.G. single "Nasty Girl", and "Tired" featuring Avery Storm. These 4 songs were not from Nelly's albums Suit and Sweat; therefore, all Nelly fans who previously owned the two albums, would have to include Sweatsuit in their Nelly collection, with the four new tracks.

    Nelly's biggest hit was "Hot In Herre". from Country Grammar (2000) his debut album). "Ride Wit Me" and "Dilemma" (#1) where another big hits from this album. Rap music at this time was somewhat listenable (not all of it, but some). "Hot In Herre" was catchy, despite the suggestive lyrics, of removing (all) your clothes. "Dilemma" was soulful (duet with Kelly Rowland, of Destiny's Child). "Ride With Me" was just as catchy as "Hot In Herre." Sweatsuit has those kinds of songs mentioned; some better than others, some will grow on you, giving them more listens. And, there are others that can easily be passed.

    The first two songs are very good tunes to listen to -- "Play It Off" (written by Pharrell), and "My Place," which compares to Nelly's "Dilemma" song. Country star Tim McGraw duets with Nelly on "Over And Over," as this song is just OK. "Flap Your Wings" and "Pretty Toes" i passed on, yet "Pretty Toes" is better than "Flap Your Wings." As "Flap Your Wings" is another wannabe "Hot In Herre" (?), "Hot In Herre" is far way better.

    "She Don't Know My Name" has Snoop Dogg and Ron Isley joining in with Nelly. It's another OK song, there are other songs that are better. This song is another wannabe "Hot in Herre" (?) Again, "Hot In Herre" better. "Nobody Knows" is ok too, yet this song will grow on you, listening it to more.

    But the next two songs I will have to pass on -- "Heart Of A Champion" and "Na-Nana-Na." Umm... No-NoNo-No...

    Things get better with more of the "Hot In Herre"'ish tunes -- "Getcha Getcha" and "River Don't Runnn." "Playa" is better, it's groovin', which describes the previous two tunes. "N Dey Say" samples the hit song by Spandau Ballet -- "True." "True" is a great song, which makes the sampling here good, yet the rappin is just ok. "Fly Away" is another good song, compared again, to "Dilemma"

    "Grillz" was a #1 hit for Nelly, as this song is tolerable, and another song to grow on. However, his hit songs from Country Grammar are better. This song could be compared to Usher's "Yeah!" but Usher is better. (Usher is another good artist, better than Nelly, though, in my opinion.) "Tired" is pretty good, compared to Destiny's Child's hits. has the common rap - it's a take or leave. It's "today's rap" -- whether you like it or not.

    The start of the 21st Century has some decent rap to listen to. Those mentioned earlier - Usher, Destiny's Child, and Nelly -- These artists had the potential to say that rap could be a listenable (and enjoyable) music genre to listen to. Not all rap is "accepted" to some, yet providing Soul/R&B did make the rap songs having potential. Usher's most recent releases went towards what is "today's rap" -- more on the rappin' than the soulfulness of the music. Destiny's Child saw Beyonce leave to bigger and broader horizons. Nelly has been pretty quiet, since 2004. He has released three albums from 2008 to 2013, yet not as popular as his beginning years, 2000-2004. Most recently, Nelly was charged for rape in 2017, but the charges against him were dropped. He was accused again of rape in 2018, as police were trying to investigate and interview this accusation from the woman who claimed she was raped by Nelly. From researching this, it seemed the woman was never investigated. (Another false accusation?) For more info, click here. At least this wasn't as more serious as R. Kelly's. He had been charged with sexual misconducts from many women, mostly much younger than his age. Any rape case is serious, one is bad enough, but 2 for Nelly. At least it seems these were false accusations, but where they really?

    The true Rap fan will most likely enjoy this album as I would. The "soulful rap" songs are the standouts. Even the sampled Spandau Ballet "True" gets the approval. Some songs are better than others, and there are those that will grow on you, if given the more desired listens. Nelly is one of the better rappers to emerge in the beginning of the 2000 decade. Yet he has not continue in the coming decades, now being the year 2020. Rap has become the dominant style in today's music world. Yet Rap is not considered favorable for many. So the question remains as the more decades arrive: "Will the 2020 decade be as memorable as the '50s? '60s? '70s? '80s?" The '90s up to the 21st Century decades are also to be asked in that same questionable nature. My answer would be "No." For those to argue: "What songs will EVERYONE remember, from the 1990s decade? 2000 decade? 2010 decade?" Keep going... Yeah, I thought so... Oh, and for those who do have a songs from each of those decades... "Can they be aired on AM / FM Radio?" Strike 2. Oh, satellite radio just may have channels for those, maybe. And how many would actually have them as a preset? Ok, we'll stop right there. Sorry to rain on this parade, but old-school rap, up until the early 2000s is just where we could call Rap Music... "Good Music." You be the judge.

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