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"Take Off Your Pants And Jacket"


January 29 - 04, 2023

Year of Release: 2001
  • Anthem Part Two
  • Online Songs
  • First Date
  • Happy Holidays You Bastard
  • Story Of A Lonely Guy
  • The Rock Show
  • Stay Together For The Kids
  • Roller Coaster
  • Reckless Abandon
  • Everytime I Look At You
  • Give Me One Good Reason
  • Shut Up
  • Please Take Me Home
  • Hold On
  • What Went Wrong

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    Blink-182 makes their debut this week, with their 2001 release, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket. It was be the band's first album to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart. They would accomplish the #1 album spot again, with California (2016). From start to finish, this album has good Rock songs, and a very positive comparison to another band and their style, Green Day.

    Leading the album is a good rock track, "Anthem Part Two" (Part 1 was from their previous album, Enema Of The State). The next three tracks are definitely compared to that of Green Day: "Online songs," "First Date," "Happy Holidays You Bastard." "Story Of A Lonely Guy" could easily have been another hit single from the album, as there were three singles listed - "The Rock Show," "First Date," "Stay Together For The Kids."

    "The Rock Show" is next, as their Green Day'ish style continues. "Stay Together For The Kids" slows down the pace, in a good way. It's a nice and pleasant tune at it's start, and once again, it powers into the pop-punk Rock, and switches back to the pleasant style. A good mix, and easily seen (and heard) being one of the three hit singles from the album. "Roller Coaster" continues the pop-hardcore, and again compared to Green Day. Likewise, the next three tracks are pop-hardcore styled rock tracks: "Reckless Abandon," "Everytime I Look For You," "Give Me One Good Reason."

    "Shut Up" continues just as the previous three tracks, yet throughout the album, there are the harsh language, as in "Shut the F*** up." Using such lyrics are no strangers to the pop-punk/pop-hardcore (or punk and hardcore for that matter), where such vulgar lyrics are heard. "Please Take Me Home" ends the album, and just as throughout the album - it's pop-punk / pop-hardcore.

    There are two "extra tracks" - There were three different "color" versions - Red, Yellow, and Green. I had the red "Take Off" version, as the two tracks were: "Time To Break Up" (hardcore; makes sense with this title) and "Mother's Day" (a mix of pleasant acoustic guitar hardcore, yet with vulgar lyrics.)

    The Green Day comparison is there, as Blink-182 blends both pop-punk, and pop-hardcore. The lyrics are what to watch out for. Yes, there are more than one tune that has that. Overall, it is a good album, despite the lyrics. But if the pop and punk, and pop and hardcore is to your liking, Blink-182's is a good listen towards these musical styles.

    And yes, Blink-182 did tour with Green Day.

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