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Van Morrison Georgie Fame Mose Allison Ben Sidran
"Tell Me Something:
The Songs Of Mose Allison"

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January 13 - 19, 2019

Year of Release: 1996
  • One Of These Days-
    Van Morrison
  • You Can Count One Me
    (To Do My Part)-
    Van Morrison
  • If You Live-
    Ben Sidran
  • Was-
    Georgie Fame
  • Look Here-
    Ben Sidran
  • City Home-
    Georgie Fame
  • No Trouble Livin'-
    Ben Sidran
  • Benediction-Van Morrison
    Ben Sidran Georgie Fame
  • Back On The Corner-
    Georgie Fame
  • Tell Me Something-
    Van Morrison
  • I Don't Want Much-
    Van Morrison Mose Allison
  • News Nightclub-
    Van Morrison
  • Perfect Moment-
    Van Morrison Moses Allison

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    Who was Mose Allison? He was known as "one of the finest songwriters in 20th century blues." His "Young Man Blues" was recorded by The Who (Live At Leeds), John Mayall, Georgie Fame, Leon Russell, and Bonnie Raitt had recorded his written tunes. He was influence to many, including Jimi Hendrix, J.J. Cale, The Yardbirds, The Rolling Stones, Tom Waits, and Pete Townshend. The 1980s saw an increase in his popularity, as his songs were used in modern Jazz. Allison passed away on November 15, 2016, of natural causes, four days short of 89th birthday.

    Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, Ben Sirdan and Mose Allison himself collaborated on the Blues/Jazz album Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Mose Allison. It became a #1 album on the Billboard Jazz albums chart in 1996, for 3 non-consecutive weeks. More of the Modern Jazz rather than modern Blues, this is a great set of tunes that any music fan will enjoy, as it looks at Jazz, and mixing it with Blues on various tracks.

    Van Morrison no doubt can bring his touch to Blues in his own right. "One Of These Days" has more of the slow Blues style. "You Can Count On Me (To Do My Part)" get the upbeat (New Orleans) jazz and blues mix, sung by Van. Ben Sidran puts his vocals on "If You Live," mixing blues and jazz. Georgie sings on "Was" (blues/jazz). Great Jazz on Ben's "Look Here," as it has a comparison to the classic "Route 66." Slow blues with the jazz of piano and organ has Georgie's "City Home." The "Route 66" style gets Ben's "No Trouble Livin'"

    Van, Ben and Georgie sing together on "Benediction," a song that keeps the blues and jazz in style. Georgie's "Back On The Corner" has the "Route 66" style again. "Tell Me Something" has Van Morrison in his prime. "I Don't Want Much" maybe the least favorite here, as Van and Mose sing on this one. Their vocals seem to not-so-connect. But Van's "News Nightclub" puts it back on the blues upfront, as it compares to the style of Elvis' "Mystery Train." Closing out the album is "Perfect Moment," another slow blues and jazz number (Van & Mose and their not-connecting vocaling.)

    Modern Jazz, or what you call your "basic, "good" Jazz, Tell Me Something: The Songs Of Moses Allison" has all the components of a good Jazz album. Van Morrison himself is a great, soulful blues artist. Adding Jazz to his repretoire is a bonus. As for the others on the album, they all share the great qualities in performing great Jazz music. Moses Allison wrote, or made these songs, and having him on the album is also a plus. Georgie Fame was more popular in England, and has been performing and recording music since 1964. My memory of Fame, was his hit single (from 1967), "The Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde." Ben Sidran is not a common name from my memory, but he has recorded music since 1970, and was a member of the Steve Miller Band. His credits are being a keyboardist, producer, label owner and writer.

    The songs on Tell Me Somethihg are mostly individual songs, and few collaborations together from Morrison, Fame, Allison and Sidran. The entire album is worth listening to, especially for the common-Jazz fans. There is jazz and blues on this album, but these songs have more of the modern jazz style. Sidran's piano playing is another highlight. You will find this album quite entertaining, and one of those albums you would take out to listen to, for relaxation and enjoyment.

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