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Kelly Clarkson

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August 07 - 13, 2022

Year of Release: 2003
  • The Trouble With Love Is
  • Miss Independent
  • Low
  • Some Kind Of Miracle
  • What's Up Lonely
  • Just Missed The Train
  • Beautiful Disaster
  • You Thought Wrong
  • Truth Hurts
  • Thankful
  • Anytime
  • A Moment Like This (New Mix)
  • Before Your Love (New Mix)

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    Where it all began... The FIRST American Idol winner... Kelly Clarkson. When the show was in its first season, I had just caught the tail end of it, where the lasat remaining contestants, were Justin Guarini, and Kelly Clarkson. The winner was Kelly, and the runner up was Justin. Seeing this show definitely caught my interest, and I would definitely want to watch Season 2. I continued watching each season, until the eleventh season. From Season 11 on, I pretty much lost interest, as the contestants just didn't have that great talent as the previous seasons. Not to say that EVERY season's winners and runner ups were the ones that were the TRUE talents to win. Many contestants that you would think should have gone further, didn't. In fact, some of the ones that were sent home way too early did much better than the actual winners and runner ups. (Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry, to name two.)

    There has been 20 seasons of American Idol, and very few winners have still stood out. Kelly clarkson is one of them. Her, and Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood have been the top 2 winners that everyone would agree, that they had (and still do) the talent of singing, and true winners in their own rights. Since her first season win, Kelly has recorded nine albums, as some of those have been Christmas releasaes. She's also achieved three #1 hits, and many other hits. Thankful would be her first official debut album. Season 1 runner up Justin Guarini would release his first album as well -- Justin Guarini. (His debut album was reviewed this week, in 2009.) Unfortunate for Justin, he hasn't had a successful music career as Kelly's. (Most other Idol runner ups didn't also.)

    Kelly Clarkson's debut showcases her talent, that she can sing just about any common style of music, especially R&B/Soul. There are quite a few of those here, and they truly standout than those of the actual hit singles the appeared from this album. The album opens with a true soulful song, "The Trouble With Love Is." Very soulful, indeed. "Miss Independent" was one of the hit singles, along with "Low" (a decent Rock tune), and "The Trouble With Love Is." "A Moment Like This" was released before the Thankful album was released, on the American Idol: Greatest Moments album. This was the first album of the season finalists' and to promote the winner of American Idol's first single release ("A Moment Like This.") A new mix was released for Thankful. "Before Your Love" was also first recorded, along with "A Moment Like This." A new mix was released for Thankful as well.

    More on the soulful side - "Some Kind Of Miracle" and "What's Up Lonely" are two songs that are equally soulful, and Kelly could practically sing anything, including R&B / Soul. On that note, there's another good R&B tune, the title track, "Thankful." And, mixing R&B and Rock, there's You Thought Wrong," a song that also includes another American Idol Season 1 finalist, Tamrya Gray, who finished fourth place. The remaining tracks -- "Just Missed The Train," is a good Pop sounding song, "Anytime" is a nice ballad (ending the album). And is "Beautiful Disaster" a Pop, Rock or maybe Country? Overall, it's another good track for Kelly, and for her first album.

    Kelly Clarkson's debut album Thankful is a very good debut. Her beginnings as a singer from winning the first season of American Idol would pave the way for a very successful singing career. With seven albums, and many hits for her, her singing would also include having a family, and a succewsful television talk show. I'm sure she is "thankful" that her talents have given herself a very promising and fulfulling life. You will be Thankful in enjoying her debut album. She is still #1, in many regards to many.

    As mentioned, I lost interest in watching American Idol regulary, since Season 11. Although I did catch some of the new judges - Lionel Richie, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan - I was more impressed by the judges, rather than the contestants. I never did finish watching the entire season with the new jdges. My argument is this: In the beginning, many of the winners and runner ups had their first album released by year's end. (A good Christmas present, no doubt.) Although as the years went by, the releases of the Idol winners' first albums were released farther than the year that they won. Here's a list of those winners and runner ups, and their debut album released dates

    Season #Winner NamesWinner's first album release dateRunner UpRunner Up's first album releae date
    Season 1, 2002:Kelly Clarkson
    04/15/2003 Justin Guarini
    Justin Guarini
    Season 2, 2003:Reuben Studdard
    12/09/2003 Clay Aiken
    Measure Of A Man
    Season 3, 2004:Fantasia Barrino
    Free Yourself
    11/23/2004 Diana DeGarmo
    Blue Skies
    Season 4, 2005:Carrie Underwood
    Some Hearts
    11/13/2005 Bo Bice
    The Real Thing
    Season 5, 2006:Taylor Hicks
    Taylor Hicks
    12/12/2006 Katherine McPhee
    Katherine McPhee
    Season 6, 2007:Jordin Sparks
    Jordin Sparks
    11/20/2007 Blake Lewis
    Audio Day Dream
    Season 7, 2008:David Cook
    David Cook
    11/18/2008 David Archuletta
    David Archuletta
    Season 8, 2009:Kris Allen
    Kris Allen
    11/17/2009 Adam Lambert
    For Your Entertainment
    Season 9, 2010:Lee DeWyze
    Live It Up
    11/18/2010 Crystal Bowersox
    Farmer's Daughter
    Season 10, 2011:Scotty McCreery
    Clear As Day
    10/04/2011 Lauren Alaina
    Season 11, 2012:Phillip Phillips
    World From The Wrong Side Of The Moon
    11/19/2012 Jessica Sanchez
    Me, You & The Music
    Season 12, 2013:Candice Glover
    Music Speaks
    02/18/2014 Kree Harrison
    This Old Thing
    Season 13, 2014:Caleb Johnson
    08/12/2014 Jena Irene Asciutto
    Cold Fame
    Season 14, 2015:Nick Fradiani
    08/05/2016 Clark Beckham
    Light Year
    Season 15, 2016:Trent Harmon
    You Got 'Em All
    05/18/2018 La'Porsha Renae
    Already All Ready
    Season 16, 2018:Maddie Poppe
    05/172019 Caleb Lee HutchinsonTBA
    Season 17, 2019:Laine Hardy
    Here's To Anyone
    09/24/2021 Alejandro Aranda (Scarypoolparty)
    Exit Form
    Season 18, 2020:Just SamTBAArthur GunnTBA
    Season 19, 2021:Chayce BeckhamTBAWillie SpenceTBA
    Season 20, 2022:Noah ThompsonTBAHunterGirlTBA

    When you win on American Idol my assumption is that the winners get to record and release new music/album(s), as soon as you've won...

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