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"This Is Not A Test"

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August 25 - 31, 2019

Year of Release: 2015
  • Like A Match
  • Backstreet Driver
  • This Is Not A Test
  • Light Shine Bright
  • Til The Day I Die
  • Feel It
  • Move (Keep Walkin')
  • Love Broke Thru
  • Beyond Me
  • Love Feels Like
  • Undeniable

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    TobyMac marks his debut this week, as his 2015 solo release, This Is Not A Test is this week's review. His real name is Kevin Michael McKeehan. Better known as TobyMac, he is a Christian artist. His beginnings was with the band (Christian band) dc Talk. His group accomplished great music, and with this solo release reviewed this week, This Is Not A Test, it is a powerful album. It has today's sound, with strong beats, and great lyrics. It sounds what today's Pop, even Hip Hop should sound like, and even R&B. The best thing about it all, is that the lyrics are not vulgar, as with most Hip Hop/Rap. Christian music lyrics always were positive, as it should be enjoyed.

    As mentioned, 21st Century popular music is either "take it or leave it." But, if you really listen to this album, if today's music sounded like TobyMac, with its positive lyrics (and it just doesn't have to be about Christian and Jesus Christ), I think this kind of sound and lyrics in today's music would probably be more popular than it already is. Let's face it, there is too much hate, drama and negativity in today's music. TobyMac's music is powerful, energetic, and with positive lyrics, more fans of what is known as "today's music" would be more acceptable, challenging, and much more popular in today's social media, when it comes to popular music. Other good artists to mention (that are non-Christian) would be that of Justin Timberlake, and Bruno Mars -- their albums have yet to be reviewed here, and given time, they will.

    "Like A Match" sounds like an updated 21st Century Pop song, as it should be heard, and accepted. Likewise, the next track, "Backseat Driver" also sounds like it would fit in "today's music," and even Hip Hop/R&B. The title track is just as powerful and fitting today's music.

    "Lights Shine Bright" slows it down a pace, but still, as the title states, it is a shining positive tune. "Til The Day I Die" is another "current sound in today's music, as it should be heard," as it sounds more like Hip Hop, and how Hip Hop should sound like. "Feel It" -- yes, another "current sound" track; upbeat Pop.

    "Move (Keep Walkin')" again, slows down the pace compared to the other tracks, yet kicks itself into another powerful sounding track, making it another one in today's current sound. "Love Broke Thru" -- another mellow'ish tune, but good as always. Likewise, "Beyond Me." The last two tracks, "Love Feels Like" and "Undeniable" are good, but there are other songs on the album that are better.

    Five singles were from this album: "Beyond Me," "Feel It," "Move (Keep Walkin')," "Love Broke Thru," and "Lights Shine Bright" (featuring Hollyh) -- all great songs, in their own rights.

    From the This Is Not A Test Wikipedia page: James Christopher Monger, indicating in a three and half star review at AllMusic recognizes, "Five decades into his career, Toby McKeehan still sounds energized and youthful, and his breezy delivery and knack for crafting intact." Awarding the album five stars from CCM Magazine, Andy Argyrakis states, "TobyMac sounds just as hungry as his dcTalk days on This Is Not A Test." Sarah Fine, giving the album four stars for New Release Today, writes, "This Is Not A Test firmly solidifies Toby's place in the industry and proves that he isn't going anywhere anytime soon."

    The list of high-rated reviews continues, as it simply shows, that this album is a force to be reckoned with.`

    Again, this is what today's sound in popular music SHOULD sound like. If the current music is in your favor, give TobyMac's This Is Not A Test a listen. In listening, this is not a test -- meaning the test is fulfilled, that this is a great album, and should be ranked highly to the other popular albums in today's music. It debuted at #4 on the Billboard 200 albums chart, and #1 on Billboard's Top Christian albums chart. The album sold 35,000 copies in its first week. TobyMac is no stranger to the #1 spot on the Christian albums chart -- This Is Not A Test became his fourth #1 album.

    Give TobyMac's music a listen, whether it be from his solo career, or his albums with the band dc Talk. It's great, powerful music. Christian music doesn't get better than this. TobyMac has proven himself to be a great artist. Not only has he reached #1 on the Christian albums chart, he also reached the top spot on the Billboard 200 -- Eye On It (2016). It is great to see a Christian artist/band reach the top spot of the Billboard Hot 200. There should be more Christian artists accomplishing this. This would recognize how great Christian music really is. TobyMac is one of those artists. Great, powerful Christian music. TobyMac -- remember that name -- like one review said, "He isn't going anywhere anytime soon."

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