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David Cook
"This Loud Morning"

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September 18 - 24, 2022

Year of Release: 2008
  • Circadian
  • Right Here With You
  • We Believe
  • Fade Into Me
  • Hard To Believe
  • Take Me As I Am
  • Time Marches On
  • The Last Goodbye
  • Paper Heart
  • 4 Letter Word
  • Goodbye To The Girl
  • Rapid Eye Movement

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    This week, another American Idol winner gets the nod of approval for review. It is Season 7 Winner, David Cook, and his second studio album, This Loud Morning released in 2011. I was an avid watcher of the American Idol show, since Season 2. Unfortunately, I stopped watching as of Season 11. I briefly watched when they returned on ABC, with Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan. At that point, I felt the judges were worth watching more, than that of them discovering the "next American Idol. I still have interest in all the winners from each season (it has now reached 20). However, Seasons 2 through 10 were the seasons that I had completely watched throughout. These were the best seasons, as Season 7 winner David Cook deserved the win, as the runner-up, David Archeleta was also good, in deserving the runner-up position.

    It's funny how David Cook would enter as a contestant on Season 7. He was supportive of his younger brother who auditioned. His brother didn't make it to Hollywood, but David would audition himself. (And the rest they say... is History.) What also made him noticed on the show, was that he played guitar throughout his performances on the show. This was something that wasn't really a focus on past Idol shows, where a contestant had played a musical instrument. He released his first major studio album in 2008, the self-titled David Cook. His second album was released in 2011, This Loud Morning, this week's album review.

    The album begins with the Pop Rock-driven "Circadian" -- a very powerful tune, as it starts out having a Pop style, but kicks into gear into a powerful Rock song. "Right Here, With You" is the next track, another Rock powerful tune, co-written by the Goo Goo Dolls' Johnny Reznik. (David Cook co-wrote all the songs on this album, with the exception of "Right Here, With You.") "We Believe" continues the track list, and is is another good Rock tune.

    "Take Me As I Am" is a true great song! It does have the style of the Goo Goo Dolls, and I could easily see (and hear) how it would become a hit single from this album. "Hard To Believe" slows down the pace, and it's good to do that, as this song is also a good track, with a power Rock chorus. Another powerful tune follows, "Take Me As I Am."

    "Time Marches On" is another song that truly gets Cook's voice in gear. He can prove that he can Rock, just as he has been doing throughout this album. This song could easily have been a hit single, if given the opportunity. "The Last Goodbye" was another single, yet, "Fade Into Me" would be the better choice of the two. "The Last Goodbye" is another good track, though, deserving to be a hit single. "Paper Heart" keeps this album continuing it's excellence - Another great powerful Rock track. And yes, "4 Letter Word" is another great power track. The 4 letter word is - ROCK!

    "Goodbye To The Girl" is more like a ballad, and this one has a more Pop style throughout. Ending this great powerful album is "Rapid Eye Movement." It's more on the Alternative Rock style, and, just as the others, another great powerful Rock track.

    David Cook's This Loud Morning is a true ROCK album. He can prove he can (co)write great songs, and has a remarkable singing voice. Categorized as Rock, Alternative Rock, Pop. It's all there. David Cook's music will definitely attract your attention. Especially for the Rock fans. Did I mention that This Loud Morning is a Powerful Rock album? It definitely is, and is worth listening to. Recently, WSVNRadio has added the #1 Mainstream Rock songs as part of its daily playlists. I'm surprised David Cook's music isn't part of that. He does belong in the Mainstream Rock genre. Songs from this album could easily have reached #1. He is a rocker, and he deserved to be an American Idol winner. His music says it all.

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