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Tim Rose
"Tim Rose/Through Rose Colored Glasses"


December 16 - 22, 2018

Year of Release: 1997
Tim Rose
  • I Got A Loneliness
  • I'm Gonna Be Strong
  • I Gotta Do Things My Way
  • Fare Thee Well
  • Eat Drink And Be Merry
    (For Tomorrow You'll Cry)
  • Hey Joe
    (You SHot Your Woman Down)
  • Morning Dew
  • Where Was I
  • You're Slipping Away From Me
  • Long Time Man
  • Come Away Melinda
  • King Lonely The Blue
    Through Rose Colored Glasses
  • The Days Back When
  • Roanoke
  • Hello Sunshine
  • When I Was A Young Man
  • What'cha Gonna Do
  • Maman
  • Let There Be Love
  • Baby Do You Turn Me On
  • Apple Truck Swamper
  • Angela
  • You'd Laugh
  • You Ain't My Girl No More

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    Tim Rose may not be a household name in music, yet his background is quite impressive. He started out as a member of The Big 3, which included Mama Cass, who would be famous as a member of the Mamas & the Papas. He was associated with Scott McKenzie, who was famous with one song, written by Mamas & Papas member John Phillips, "San Francisco (Be Sure To Be Some Flowers In Your Hair)". My knowledge of Tim Rose, was one of his songs was part of a 2-record Various Artists album, Columbia's Somethin' Else Again. This album set was released by Columbia Records. Columbia was well-known back in the late 1960s/early 1970s for releasing compilations of well-known and up-and-coming new artists, and their songs from their recent albums. Somethin' Else Again had Tim Rose's song, "Where Was I."

    Interested in hearing more of his music, a 2-disc CD of his original albums were available -- the self-titled Time Rose released in 1967, and Through Rose Colored Glasses, released in 1969. His music would be more popular in Britain UK. The Tim Rose album would be the more popular of the two, as it featured "Hey Joe" (which his version is compared more to that of Jimi Hendrix's version, rather than by the band The Leaves.) The other song that would be popular by him (and popular in the UK), was "Come Away Melinda." "Morning Dew" would be another hit for Rose, as this song was just good as he had recorded "Hey Joe," which had already been recorded by Hendrix.

    Tim Rose
    The self-titled album starts off with a Psychedelic-sounding tune, "I Got A Loneliness." 1967 had already contained many bands and artists on the Psychedelic trail. Jimi Hendrix, Jefferson Airplane, Big Brother & The Holding Company (Janis Joplin), to name a few. Yet the remaining of the Tim Rose album displays in sound of folk music, as it compares more to that of another artist who started out in the folk music, Bob Dylan. There are quite a few songs compared to Dylan on this album: "I'm Gonna Be Strong," "Fare Thee Well" (which could be also compared to that of Donovan). "Eat, Drink And Be Merry (For Tomorrow You'll Cry)" also sounds like Dylan, and it also could pass as Country. "Where Was I" definitely has a Dylan-style, yet this particular song could be the least favorite, as other songs (Dylan-sounding or not) are quite better.

    "Morning Dew" is another very good song, and just as good as "Hey Joe." Blending with 1960s Rock is "I Gotta Do My Things." And another song that matches the 60s Rock (and quite well) is "King LOnely The Blue."

    And getting back to the folk music, these songs are recorded also extremely well: "You're Slipping Away From Me," "Long Time Man" and "Come Away Melinda." [In my opinion, the first two songs there mentioned were better than his hit, "Come Away Melinda."

    Through Rose Colored Glasses
    Rose's 1969 release, Through Rose Colored Glasses was not as popular as his self-titled album, as most critics stated that this album was basically ignored, and they hardly said anything about it.

    "The Days Back Then" starts out the album, and as the critics mentioned, it tends to be the beginning of what they said is true. It is a hit-or-miss track, and the same can be said for the next track, "Roanoke." The folk sounding tracks from Tim Rose made that album work extremely well. 1969 was the year, and the music was changing towards Psychedelia, and/or more "different" sounds in music.

    "Hello Sunshine" has a happy sound, and just maybe the best song heard so far. It does have a folk sound, yet it just didn't match the better tunes from Tim Rose. "When I Was A Young Man" can be compared to Dylan again, yet like other songs from this album, it just doesn't match to those from Tim Rose.
    "What'cha Gonna Do" is just ok. It also sounds happy, but nothing more. "Marman" sounds haunting. No music, just vocals and light drums. Remember how The Doors' "The Unknown Soldier" was? Kinda like that. And it just gets stranger towards it's end.

    "Let There Be Love" has nothing to mention, and "Baby Do You Turn Me On." That answer would be No. "Apple Truck Swamper" -- strange. "Angela" isn't as bad, but better than most others, and Dylan-ish. "You'd Laugh" -- the horns just didn't work here. So yes, you would laugh. Although the rest of the song isn't as bad, but nothing to mention highly about. Ending the album is "You Ain't My Girl NO More." It starts out strange, yet it moves in another direction. A good direction? Hardly. This album is finally finished.

    The critics were right -- Through Rose Colored Roses is an album you can ignore. It does have a very British 1960s sound, where some can take or leave. Yet as good as the self-titled Tim Rose was, the follow up album just didn't match. And as comparing to Bob Dylan, the songs on Tim Rose worked great to the comparison of Dylan. Yet Through Rose Colored Glasses has some of the Dylan comparison, it just sounds like a bad "Bob Dylan album."

    Did you know... Tim Rose was almost a member of the Rolling Stones? He name was in the list of replacements for Brian Jones.

    Tim Rose" and Through Rose Colored Glasses were the only two albums Tim Rose recorded for Columbia. Six more studio albums would follow, from 1970 to 1999. All six albums were released by six different labels. Tim Rose passed away from a heart attack during a second operation for a lower bowel problem, on September 24, 2002. He was 62.

    The Tim Rose album gets a 2 and a half-star rating. It is a very well done album, of folk music, and British 1960s music. However, Through Rose Colored Glasses gets only 1 star. Overall, 2 stars for both. The Tim Rose album is a good album to listen to, for the folk rock fans, and Dylan fans alike.

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