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"True Blue"

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April 09 - 15, 2023

Year of Release: 1986
  • Papa Don't Preach
  • Open Your Heart
  • White Heat
  • Live To Tell
  • Where's The Party
  • True Blue
  • La isla Bonita
  • Jimmy Jimmy
  • Love Makes The World Go Round

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    Madonna returns this week, with one of her most popular albums, from 1986, True Blue. A total of five hits from this album, and three of those five hits reached #1: "Live To Tell" (1 week), "Papa Don't Preach" (2 weeks), and "Open Your Heart" (1 week). "La Isla Bonita" and the title track were also hits. Madonna was at her peak in 1986. The True Blue album was added to her credits as another huge success. From her first album released in 1983 to 2000, she was unstoppable. She has released more albums since then, but not as popular as her previous releases. However, she is still a Diva to the music world. And she has always been in the spotlight, not just in music, but in her life in general.

    True Blue opens with two of those five popular hits - "Papa Don't Preach" (which brought controversy, being that an unexpected pregnancy was the focus of the lyrics, yet she as she sings "Nut I made up mind, I'm keeping my baby.") "Open Your Heart" has always been a popular hit, and still holds today as one of her finest. "White Heat" is dedicated to the actor Jimmy Cagney, as it was one of his most famous movies. This song didn't get any radio airplay from my knowledge, yet it's a fitting tune for Madonna, with it's upbeat dance style. "Live To Tell" is next, and one of the five hits from the album. And just as "Open Your Heart," it's another Madonna classic.

    "Where's The Party" has the upbeat dance style, as heard in many of the 1980s songs, and another easy fit for Madonna's music. Another song that wasn't on radio, yet again, it's another upbeat fit for Madonna. And with the title "Where's The Party," Madonna (or anyone who was like her) would be invited, and you could easily hear her say, "Where's the Party?" The title track, and "La Isla Bonita" were other huge hits, and surprisingly, they both didn't reach #1, yet they most probably should have. Two more songs that put Madonna on the map, adding two more songs to her huge list of hits. "Jimmy Jimmy" has a 1960s girl group style to it, and is another good and upbeat Madonna track. Ending the album is another common upbeat Madonna track, "Love Makes The World Go Round."

    Madonna's True Blue was one of her landmark albums. With the five hits mentioned, true (as in blue) could the remaining tracks from the album could easily have been part of the regular radio airwaves. True Blue was another huge accomplishment for Madonna. Her songs continued controversy, but then again, it's Madonna we're talking about. She has always been controversial, with her music and personal life. She continued to make more albums, and even accomplished a James Bond movie song ("Die Another Day" which was from her American Life album). Nowadays it's her looks that are being controversial than her music. Have you seen how she looks now? "WHAT HAPPENED?" Again, it's Madonna. Controverisal. Madonna.

    Overall, give a listen to True Blue, and even though controversial as she was (or should I say, is), it's her music her that is the standout. True Blue is a great Madonna album. Those five hits proves it all. Madonna is still a Diva, a True Blue Diva.

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