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Joey Edwin
"Unless U Fall"

© Joey Edwin Music

September 23 - 29, 2018

Year of Release: 2001
  • See Right Thru
  • Hot-N-Cold
  • In For The Whole Ride
  • Let Go
  • Cloud My Scene
  • No One Left
  • Lost Out On Love
  • U-Turned
  • Island Of Blue
  • Unless U Fall
  • Come So Close

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    From the WSVNRadio Hall of Fame, Volume 8 -- Country artist Joey Edwin -- An artist who definitely defines Good Counry. Sounding like what Country should sound like. Not only was he on our Volume 8 compilation ("See Right Thru"), he was also on our all-Counry Hall of Fame compilation, with "Cloud My Scene," Both songs were from his Unless U Fall release.

    The album opens with the catchy "See Right Thru" the song that introduced me to Edwin's music, and proud to include him on our Hall of Fame compilation. "Hot-N-Cold" is anything but cold -- it's upbeat, it's Country; it's "Today's Country." "In For The Whole Ride" is a song that puts (today's) Country music in a very good direction. Sounding in great Country form, is "Let Go."

    When putting together our all-Country compilation for our Hall of Fame, it was obvious to include Joey Edwin. His "Cloud My Scene" was chosen, and again, it's another great Country sounding song. "No One Left" has a soulful touch to it, yet still, it's Country, and it works. "Lost Out On Love" is another great catchy Country tune. And speaking of catchy, "U-Turned" is definitely this.

    "Island Of Blue" is funky, it's Rock, it's Country It has a somewhat Dave Matthews Band feel, if DMB would ever venture the Country route. The title track slows down the musical pace just a bit, and it is just as good or great as the reamining tracks on this album. Ending the album is another great upbeat track, "Come So Close", it's another great song that everyone who enjoys Country music (and anyone else, for that matter) will enjoy.

    Unless U Fall by Joey Edwin IS Country. Released in 2001, this album is just as fresh almost 20 years later. This is not your "Country that really sounds like Pop Country." This is is what Country (and today's Country) should sound like. All of these songs are great. Joey Edwin is one of those artists that everyone shound recognize, as a true Country artist. For more info, visit his website, at JoeyEdwin.com.

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