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Van Morrison

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July 10 - 16, 2022

Year of Release: 1978
  • Kingdom Hall
  • Checkin It Out
  • Natalia
  • Venice U.S.A.
  • Lifetimes
  • Wavelength
  • Sante Fe/Beautiful Obsession
  • Hungry For Your Love
  • Take It Where You Find It

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    Van "The Man" Morrison returns this week, with his 1978 release, Wavelength. The album title's track is one of Van's greatest songs he recorded. While listening to radio station WXRT back in the day, that song was played quite heavily. The "oh mama, oh mama" and of course, the incredible synthesizers in this song are the most memorable. Van Morrison has recorded incredible music throughout his entire career, and at age 76, he is still recording, as his most recent albums have reached #1 on Billboard's Blues albums chart.

    Throughout the 1970s decade, Morrison's albums have accomplished great album tracks. The title track on Wavelength was the most memorable favorite. Suprsingly as that song was heavily played, and being the title of the album, you would think it would be the album's opening track. It isn't, but the actual first song, "Kingdom Hall" is an exceptional great tune to open the album. Morrison's soulful voice has always been his standout. And "Kingdom Hall" is a great soulful rock n roll track. "Checkin' It Out" is a laid-back tune, and his voice is just as soulful, as always. "Natalia" is the next track, and it is another great soulful rock n roll number for Van.

    "Venice U.s.A." is another great tune, as it's compared to that of Little Feat, and the early Robert Palmer - "Man Smart, Woman Smarter" comes to mind, as Palmer had recorded that song. (Palmer was rumoured to replace Lowell George in Little Feat, after his untimely death.) Calypso music-styled. "Lifetimes" has an almost-Reggae feel. It works.

    And then there's the title track -- The beginning Van's voice entering the high notes was the challenge, yet when it kicks in, his voice is just as great as his other songs. Again, it's one of his greatest songs recorded by him. And of course, the "come back baby, comebacks" and "de-de-de-de-de's" ... handclap! And Santa Fe/Beautiful Obsession" is one of those great laid-back tunes, where you just sit back, and let the song move you. It's as moving as if Bob Seger had sung this tune ("Against The Wind.") "Hungry For Your Love" keeps that great laid-back soulful highway. Ending the album is another good laid-back'er, "Take It Where You Find It."

    Van Morrison's "Wavelength" has great laid-back tunes, and those of more uplifting soulful rock tunes. "Wavelength" (title track) is the standout. And truly, there isn't one bad track here. Wavelength is one of those great albums to sit back and relax to. His soulful voice gets it every time.

    Since his debut in the late 1960s, Van Morrison has recorded incredible, soulful music. His voice is distinctive. Pure soul, and rock. He wrote "Gloria," as he first emerged on the rock scene with his group called Them. He continued on his own, and of course, the rest is history. It's been said that he rarely gives interviews, being a private person. But he lets his music do all the talking. Wavelength is a very good, soulful album. Enjoy.

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