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Danity Kane
"Welcome To The Dollhouse"

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April 28 - 04, 2019

Year of Release: 2008
  • Welcome To The Dollhouse
  • Bad Girl
  • Damaged
  • Pretty Boy
  • Strip Tease
  • Sucka For Love
  • Secret Place (Interlude)
  • Ecstasy
  • 2 OF You
  • Lights Out
  • Picture This (Interlude)
  • Poetry
  • Key TO My Heart
  • Flashback (Interlude)
  • Is Anybody Listening
  • Ain't Going

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    Welcome To The Dollhouse is the second album released by the all-female group, Danity Kane. They were formed based from MTV's Making The Band reality show. Making The Band was basically a talent show, in which members were formed into a musical act. Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Diddy would be the creator of an all-girl group on Making The Band 3 in 2004. After a failed attempt in an all-male group, Da Band on Making The Band 2, he would form what would bcome Danity Kane. The results were much popular as Da Band -- Danity Kane's first and second albums would reach the top spot on the Billboard Hot 200's Albums chart: The self-titled Danity Kane in 2006, and Welcome To The Dollhouse, two years later. The album's songs were written by the members of Danity Kane, as they all fit the R&B styles.

    Welcome To The Dollhouse would produce two hits - "Damaged" and "Pretty Girl." In the style of R&B, Pop and Hip-Hop, Danity Kane would be to many as "another Destiny's Child" and other similar artists with their style of the 21st Century, being R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop. More on the styles of R&B and Pop. Hip-Hop would mean more of the Rap style, but this isn't necessarily true for this album. (However, the track does fit Rap, with guest rapper Rick Ross. This song can also be compared to the later years of Prince.) Another musical genre to compare this album is Dance music, as all of the songs could easily played as danceable tunes, and can be played at dance clubs. (Maybe not for "Ecstasy? though; it is slowed down than dance music, and more of R&B.) "2 Of You" is another track that could have been a hit -- it has a great drive and energy of a good Pop or R&B hit. "Lights Out" can be recorded to Destiny Child's, or Beyonce. "Poetry" is another slower-styled R&B track, and compared to the likes of Beyonce.

    In today's current popular music, Danity Kane's style is basically the main source of what we hear in the current Top 40. Luckily, there isn't any songs that sounds annoying, as most Rap songs, and those particular Rap songs you would not hear on today's Top 40 radio. (Internet Radio, that is another story...) This is your basic R&B, in the style of Beyonce, Destiny's Child, and other female-dominated R&B artists. Welcome To The Dollhouse is a good album; it's enjoyable for the R&B fan, who enjoys today's current music in this genre style. Danity Kane was created by Puff Daddy, as he has always looking to produce new, good, R&B music. Although his group Da Band didn't make it, he made sure that Danity Kane would. Making The Band also produced another group that would reach the top of Billboard's album chart -- Day26. Also to mention, they also gave us another all-boy band, O-Town.

    If there is good R&B music to find, Danity Kane is a good group to listen to. Their most recent album was released in 2014, Dk3, as the group is now a trio. (There were 5 girls when they started out). As popular shows as American Idol, Making The Band and The Voice, various contenstants would become popular in having a #1 album and/or #1 songs. Danity Kane was one of those groups. Welcome To The Dollhouse is an enjoyable album, for those who enjoy today's R&B music.

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