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"When Legends Rise"


May 28 - 03, 2023

Year of Release: 2018
  • When Legends Rise
  • Bullet Proof
  • Unforgettable
  • Every Part Of Me
  • Take It To The Edge
  • Under Your Scars
  • Someday
  • Just One Time
  • Say My Name
  • Let It Out
  • Eye Of The Storm

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    We take another look into another Mainstream Rock Band, Godsmack. They achieved four #1 hit singles (Billboard's Mainstream Rock Chart) - "Bulletproof," "When Legends Rise," "Under Your Scars" and "Unforgettable." Released in 2018, Godsmack has not only achieved #1 Mainstream Rock hits, but also achieved #1 on the Billboard Hot 200 Albums chart: Faceless (2003), IV (2006), and The Oracle (2010). This week's review, When Legends Rise, is a very powerful Hard Rock album.

    The title track leads off the album, followed by "Bullet Proof" and "Unforgettable" - three powerful rock songs, that can easily have deserved #1 status, on such a hard rock singles chart. "Every Part Of Me" is another good attention-getter, just as powerful. "Take It To The Edge" rocks even harder, just as Metallica has. (There is a comparson to Metallica, throughout the album.)

    And of course, things have to slow down a bit on a hard rock album - The piano driven ballad, "Under Your Scars" (the other #1), starts out as a nice ballad, and does sound balladish as it kicks it up a bit throughout the song. A very good song to mellow things down a bit. It works extremely well. "Someday" continues the hard rock; it's another good hard rocker and attention-getter. "Just One Time" is another harder rock song in sound. More like Hardcore Rock. Just as many songs on this album, another good rocking track. In fact, it's probably the HARDEST sounding rock song on the album (at this point). "Say My Name" is just as hard rocking as "Just One Time,' yet it more hard rocking as "Say My Name"; so it's pretty close, and the Metallica comparison is still there.

    "Let It Out" is another good track. It's starts out as a Rock track, yet it kicks in, as a very good Alternative Rock track. It's quite impressive. Ending the album is "Eye Of The Storm," another good and impressive hard rock track.

    Godmack's When Legends Rise is a fantastic album. It has the sound of what a Hard Rock band in today's category of (Hard) Rock music. Many comparisons to Metallica on this album, and quite frankly, the lead singer of Godsmack, (Sully Erna), proves himself as very good, impressive, agressive (in a good way) singer. Maybe even better than Metallica's James Hetfield. (Wow) Every song on When Legends Rise is GOOD. When Legends Rise is even way better than last week's album reviewed - Papa Roach's Ego Trip.

    Just as the song "Say My Name" suggests: Say THEIR Name -- Their name is Godsmack. For the harder Rock fans, When Legends Rise will be a great album for those hard rock fans. As mentioned, every song is good; every song rocks. Godsmack -- That's their name. Say it.

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