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Rick Wakeman
"White Rock"


January 08 - 14, 2023

Year of Release: 2015
  • White Rock
  • Searching For Gold
  • The Loser
  • The Shoot
  • Lax'x
  • After The Ball
  • Mongezuma's Revenge
  • Ice Run

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    Rick Wakeman once again returns to WSVNRadio this week, with his 1976 release, White Rock. White Rock was the original motion picture soundtrack of The Innsbruck Winter Games, also known as The 1976 Winter Olympics. All of the music was composed, performed and produced by Rick Wakeman. The album was recorded at Advision and at The Music Centre between January 1976 and September 1976. Originally relased in January 1977, it would be reissued on CD on RWCD in 1999. A fantastic musician and keyboardist - he is, without a doubt, probably THE Best keyboardist/musician ever.

    The title track begins, as it is Wakeman at the Moog synthesizer, and the Moog is practically all over the place! In a good way, of course. It's a bit of Progressive music, yet more on the New Age. "Searching For Gold" is Progressive also, and hypnotizing, and as the title states, there is no need in searching for it - It is Pure Gold. For "The Loser," Wakeman's piano playing is the highlight, as it is no losing trend on how he can play the piano. His piano skills here shines, as always.

    Mixing Rock, New Age and Classical has "The Shoot," and is energetic, as in watching the Winter Games with Wakemnan's music in theb background. It's a beautiful blend of creative music, only that Wakeman can provide. "Lax'x" is definitely soundtrack music. It's a completely different approach by Wakeman. Is it Rock? Progressive? Classical? No, no, and definitely no. It's more like Avant-Garde. Suspiciously incredible, it is a wonder what is up Wakeman's sleeve, or for those who remember him, up his cape. "Lax'x" is a definitely masterpiece of its own. It's great how Wakeman can put anything to music.

    And what Wakeman has always done best is heard on "After The Ball" is a beautiful Classical piece. Gentle, soothing, it can bring tears to your eyes, on just how beautiful it sounds. This song has become part of Wakeman's repertoire, featured on several future albums and videos. "Montezuma's Revenge" returns the Moog, and it's captivating soundtrack piece. You can imagine watching the Keystone Cops in a silent movie with this song in the background, or even circus music. Amazing. Wakeman's synthesizers and organ are featured on the last track, "Ice Run." And if you're a avid Wakeman fan and this song may sound familiar, one of the songs from his first album was used - From The Six Wives Of Henry VIII, "Anne Of Cleves." The comparisons are from "Anne of Cleves" at the 00:48 mark, and "Ice Run" at 3:29.

    At the end of this album, you want to hear more. Well, in that case that was more: Wakeman released a sequel of White Rock in 1999, entitled White Rock II. We'll have that one reviewed at a later date. White Rock (I) is an incredible soundtrack, and incredible music. "After The Ball" and "Lax'x" are the two standouts. For the Classical and beautiful music it provides, "After The Ball" is (another) Wakeman masterpiece.

    Wakeman is currently 73 years old. He is still recording and touring. As White Rock was a soundtrack, this was one of many Wakeman would arrange. White Rock has great musical genres, and they were all composed, performed and produced by Rick Wakeman. White Rock is another great album by Wakeman. As the keyboardist for the legendary band Yes, they were inducted in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2017. Time will tell when Wakeman himself will be inducted, as it is long overdue. Maybe there are those who are not really aware of Wakeman's extensive solo career of his music. Discover it. You'll be amazed.

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