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Third Day

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April 25 - 01, 2021

Year of Release: 2004
  • 'Til The Day I Die
  • Come On Back To Me
  • Wire
  • Rockstar
  • I Believe
  • It's A Shame
  • Blind
  • I Got A Feeling
  • You Are Mine
  • Innocent
  • Billy Brown
  • San Angelo
  • I Will Hold My Head High

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    Third Day is one of my favorite bands in Christian music. They appear for the first time here at WSVNRadio, with the seventh album of the career, Wire, release in 2004. For this album, Third Day "stripped away the shine, and went back to the grittiness of being a rock and roll band." Definitely having a more harder rock sound than their previous albums, Wire sounds more like an Alternative Rock album, with Christian lyrics. But don't let that fool you; Third Day is a great band regardless. Whether it's Rock, or Christian, Third Day "rocks it out" on Wire.

    The "guitar riffs" stands out on the songs on Wire. And, lead singer Mac Powell's voice is superb, as he can sing Rock and/or Christian in the best way he can. "'Til THe Day I Die" and "Come On Back To Me" kicks into Rock gear. The title track slows down the pace compared to the first two tracks, but is another great Rock tune. The next tune kicks into Rock gear again, and the song title is quite appropriate -- I wanna be a "Rockstar." Likewise, "I Believe" (in love), is another great Rock. Then it slows down again (and in a great way), with "It's A Shame."

    Continuing onward with great a great Rock sound (medium tempo) is "Blind." "I Got A Feeling" has the Rock style, yet, it could pass for today's Country. And, this kind of "Country style" is way better than most "new Country" !! (Also to mention, lead singer Mac Powell has released two Country albums, as a solo artist.) "You Are Mine" could also pass for "today's COuntry." It is a very pleasant tune, and ballad'ish, with the acoustic guitars. Then it kicks into a medium tempo Rock style. All good. "Innocent" is another great acoustic-guitar driven beautiful starting, and kicks into medium tempo, just as the previous song. Again, another great Rock song.

    It's back to great Rock & Roll, on "Billy Brown." A gentle tune has "San Angelo." Surprisingly, it's gentle throughout the entire song. Ending the album, is "I Will Hold My Head High." Another gentle tune, and it's title should easily have the band Third Day holding their heads high, over a great sounding Rock and Christian album.

    Wire by Third Day is a great Rock album. It is a great Christian Rock album. There are great rocking tracks on this album, and the "softer" tunes evens out the blend of great music by Mac Powell and Third Day. Wire reached the #1 spot on Billboard's Christian Albums chart in 2004, for three weeks. Third Day is no stranger to the #1 spot; they've achieved numerous #1 Christian albums, likewise, #1 hit singles on Billboard's Christian Songs chart.

    Third Day is a great band, that has many great albums. Wire is the first review here on our site, and more will come. Whether it be Rock or Christian, and for some tunes, Country, Third Day's music will easily be enjoyed by Rock fans and Christian fans alike, with it's positive Chrstian lyrics. Wire is a great Rock album, and Rock fans should enjoy it.

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